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Heartbreaking and seemingly intractable, violence continues to dominate the headlines concerning the Middle East. Yet, efforts to bring peace and justice to the land called holy never die. The Episcopal Church has consistently called for a peaceful resolution to every conflict, while deploring the abrogations of people’s rights throughout the region. The Episcopal Church is committed to a just peace that guarantees Israel’s security and Palestinian aspirations for a viable sovereign state with Jerusalem as the shared capital of both Israel and Palestine. Read the resolutions below to understand our church’s position on complex issues, and how you can make a difference.

Working together for justice.

[11/15/2011]  Christian leaders continue advocacy for Israeli-Palestinian peace
Christian leaders are urging the U.S. government to step up its leadership in resolving the prolonged stalemate in peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, especially in light of a recent controversial move by Israel to establish a new settlement in East Jerusalem.

[7/19/2011]  Kids4Peace: Moving toward a 'culture of peace,' one child at a time
Climbing Stone Mountain in the Georgia humidity and triple digit heat was one of the hardest things 11-year-old Miller had ever done -- but he managed just fine, with a little help from his newfound friends.

[7/12/2011]  Archbishop of Canterbury launches appeal for Holy Land Christians
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams on July 12 launched an appeal for funds to help sustain Christian communities in the Holy Land, according to a press release from Lambeth Palace.

[7/1/2011]  Religious Leaders Call Obama to Take Bold Action for Middle East Peace
[The Christian Post] In a letter drafted by “Churches for Middle East Peace”, President Obama was urged to make a clear and bold stance in advance of the United Nations General Assembly in the fall.

[5/24/2011]  Prayer vigils send message to Netanyahu: 'Lift the ban on Bishop Dawani'
Episcopalians in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles held silent prayer vigils in protest of Israeli treatment of Palestinians on May 24, the day Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress about the peace process

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