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Peace Making

"Will you strive for justice and peace among all people?” “I will, with God’s help.” Episcopalians, acting on this promise in the baptismal covenant, have sought not only to bring peace to specific regions throughout the world, but also to build a culture of non-violence and proactive peacemaking at home.

Working together for justice.

[11/15/2011]  Christian leaders continue advocacy for Israeli-Palestinian peace
[8/30/2011]  Church council sends peace teams to South Sudan
[7/19/2011]  Kids4Peace: Moving toward a 'culture of peace,' one child at a time
[7/10/2011]  South Sudan Episcopalians celebrate birth of their new nation
[7/9/2011]  Bishop Wolf heads to D.C. to solicit support for South Sudan
[7/1/2011]  Religious Leaders Call Obama to Take Bold Action for Middle East Peace
[6/20/2011]  Sudan: Peace, prayer, partnerships are priorities for American Friends
[6/10/2011]  ENGLAND: 9/11 initiative launched as 'Awareness Sunday'
[6/9/2011]  New Jersey pastor gets hate mail over interfaith service
[6/8/2011]  Sudan violence 'grave concern'
[5/25/2011]  Sudan's disputed Abyei region descends into chaos amid calls for ongoing advocacy
[5/17/2011]  TENNESSEE: Interfaith youth empowered by peace summit
[5/17/2011]  Sudanese churches step up peace efforts ahead of independence
[4/18/2011]  Iowa churches embrace 'green' Palm Sunday
[4/10/2011]  Kinnelon, NJ, religious leaders spread message of peace in response to Quran burning
[3/24/2011]  Remembering Oscar Romero, continuing his human rights work
[3/19/2011]  Soldier helps distribute donated items to Afghan children
[2/3/2011]  Church coalition urges support of UN resolution on halting Israeli settlement building
[1/26/2011]  Colorado churches pray for political peace
[1/20/2011]  Dear President Obama, Please Do Not Veto the UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements
[1/18/2011]  Presiding bishop writes to Obama on Israeli-Palestinian peace process
[1/10/2011]  Millions take to the polls in Sudan's historic referendum; clashes in Abyei claim lives
[1/6/2011]  Sudanese Bishop Joseph Garang speaks about the referendum and international partnerships
[1/5/2011]  Prayers for Peace in Sudan: Friday Vigil, Weekend of Prayer/Fasting preparing for January 9 referendum

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