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Poverty and Hunger

Every day, Episcopalians address issues of poverty and hunger alleviation in multiple ways. It may be through Jubilee Ministries, advocacy for more Food Stamps or for Millennium Development Goal #1 – eradicate extreme poverty and hunger globally. Individuals, parishes, and dioceses use their voices against the injustices that result in poverty and hunger, while continuing to serve the poor and the vulnerable. Will you help end these devestating problems?

Working together for justice.

[11/11/2011]  Arkansas' St. Francis House program helps homeless veterans re-enter society
[11/2/2011]  Visits up 65 percent at Brookline Emergency Food Pantry
[10/28/2011]  TEXAS: Calvary Church and Dreyer's plant community fruit orchard
[10/11/2011]  Tulsa-area agencies hold event for World Homeless Action Day
[9/28/2011]  Building relationships helps in the fight to end hunger, poverty
[9/26/2011]  Asheville area Episcopal churches begin 9th Habitat home
[9/23/2011]  Episcopalians advocate to feed the hungry in America and abroad
[9/21/2011]  St. Clair County Habitat crew lend a hand in South Dakota
[9/15/2011]  Florida church continues "shoebox layette" ministry through tea party
[9/2/2011]  Gabriel's Place seeks to grow in Southern Ohio "food desert"
[8/15/2011]  Houston church donates a ton of rice and beans
[8/9/2011]  Soles for Souls: Providing new shoes for kids
[8/8/2011]  Northern California church may be used as homeless shelter
[8/7/2011]  New program readies men for job-seeking success
[8/6/2011]  Families line up for backpack giveaway at St. George's
[8/5/2011]  Planting seeds of hope
[8/1/2011]  Idaho churches raise money to feed hungry locally and globally
[7/29/2011]  Archbishop of Canterbury calls for action, advocacy for Horn of Africa's drought victims
[7/24/2011]  Washington State church helps raise $13,000 to support food bank
[7/5/2011]  New Bethany Ministries celebrates 25 years of serving the poor in Bethlehem
[6/24/2011]  Students serve Common Table meal, learn about homelessness
[6/21/2011]  An organic garden grows on Long Island
[6/19/2011]  Healing, hope are big business at Thistle Farms
[6/19/2011]  Cafe at New Orleans' St. George Episcopal Church helps feed the hungry
[6/14/2011]  MASSACHUSETTS: Church makes impact through community mission, presiding bishop tells Episcopal City Mission
[6/11/2011]  Summer lesson on hunger
[6/8/2011]  Rhode Island church’s garden will feed the hungry
[6/8/2011]  Community garden open for business in Ohio
[6/5/2011]  REACH helps the homeless get back on their feet
[5/31/2011]  Fifth video in healthy congregation series features Boston's 'Common Cathedral'
[5/25/2011]  Bishops to Senate GOP: Don't Vote For 'Morally Indefensible' Ryan Budget
[5/19/2011]  Community Kitchen To Be Certified As A Jubilee Ministry
[5/17/2011]  Nonprofit tackles home repairs
[5/14/2011]  Christ Church outreach earns recognition
[5/12/2011]  Monthly free breakfast part of St. Mark's outreach to needy
[5/10/2011]  REACH’s end leaves homeless with few options
[5/5/2011]  Volunteers in Maine moving forward against area homelessness
[5/2/2011]  Blessings come in a filled backpack
[5/1/2011]  Young and unemployed: With scant support, some young adults struggle to survive
[4/27/2011]  A Business That Helps Prostitutes Bloom In Recovery
[4/26/2011]  Relapse And Recovery: A Tale Of Two Prostitutes
[4/25/2011]  For Prostitutes, An Alternative To The Streets
[4/7/2011]  Ministry Opens Group Home To Combat Chronic Homelessness
[4/7/2011]  Resources for Community and Faith-Based Organizations
[4/4/2011]  Ministers lead march, rally for Baltimore County homeless
[4/3/2011]  It's Green to Glean: Volunteers Pick Your Extra Produce for the Needy
[4/1/2011]  Religious leaders support workers at Concord rally
[3/31/2011]  Prayer vigil at State House: Christians escorted out by state police
[3/28/2011]  High Cost Of Diapers Forces Some Parents Into Risky Practices
[3/24/2011]  What lawmakers want to do is immoral
[3/19/2011]  Jubilee Park works through growing pains as South Dallas neighborhood blossoms
[3/17/2011]  Church dinner points out the injustice of hunger
[2/7/2011]  Healthy Scholars build appetite for eradicating extreme poverty
[2/7/2011]  Local Churches Provide Warm Nights to Those in Need
[2/7/2011]  Sunday service: Tulsans help feed needy, homeless
[2/6/2011]  Counting who's out in the cold in Houston
[2/5/2011]  Evanston homeless find warm shelters
[2/3/2011]  WYOMING: Casper Episcopal parish becomes warm shelter from the stormy blast
[2/2/2011]  Family Promise Helps Homeless Families Get Back on Their Feet
[1/28/2011]  Homeless count helps shape services
[1/27/2011]  Homeless advocate with the unforgettable name is retiring
[1/25/2011]  Transitional Home for Homeless Female Veterans
[1/22/2011]  Ohio youths sleep outside in boxes to raise money for homeless
[1/9/2011]  St. Francis Center works tirelessly to find homes, jobs for the homeless
[1/8/2011]  New Houses for Moderate Income Families to be Built
[1/6/2011]  Christ Church raises over $18K to help end poverty
[1/5/2011]  Utah teens raise $1 million, inspire others to aid local homeless
[1/5/2011]  Tennessee church supports homeless program
[1/4/2011]  This is not your typical soup kitchen

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