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Poverty and Hunger

Every day, Episcopalians address issues of poverty and hunger alleviation in multiple ways. It may be through Jubilee Ministries, advocacy for more Food Stamps or for Millennium Development Goal #1 – eradicate extreme poverty and hunger globally. Individuals, parishes, and dioceses use their voices against the injustices that result in poverty and hunger, while continuing to serve the poor and the vulnerable. Will you help end these devestating problems?

Working together for justice.

[11/11/2011]  Arkansas' St. Francis House program helps homeless veterans re-enter society
Eight years ago, Vietnam veteran Garry Clemmons was a homeless addict, depressed and anxious. Today, he's sober, remarried and working for the Episcopal Church-sponsored program he credits with turning his life around: the Veterans Re-Entry Program at St. Francis House in the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas

[11/2/2011]  Visits up 65 percent at Brookline Emergency Food Pantry
[Boston (MA) Globe] The Brookline Emergency Food Pantry located at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Brookline, Massachusetts, said it has seen a 65 percent increase in the number of people visiting the pantry for food in the past two years.

[10/28/2011]  TEXAS: Calvary Church and Dreyer's plant community fruit orchard
With the help of many from the community, Calvary Episcopal Church in Richmond planted a fruit orchard of 25 trees at their Growing in Grace Community Gardens on Oct. 26. In July, Calvary was awarded a fruit orchard from Dreyer's Fruit Bars after winning an online voting contest.

[10/11/2011]  Tulsa-area agencies hold event for World Homeless Action Day
[Tulsa (OK) World] Representatives from several area social-service agencies gathered outside the Iron Gate soup kitchen at Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, to show support for homeless people and provide them with food, supplies and information about various programs as part of World Homeless Action Day, an annual event held worldwide on Oct. 10.

[9/28/2011]  Building relationships helps in the fight to end hunger, poverty
Street people used to frighten Edith Heller. "They were a little scary, and they'd say funny things, and they looked funny, and they were different."

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