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Violence and Hate

The headlines and evening news stories assault our senses on a daily basis: children watching television in their homes killed by stray bullets, honor students whose lives are snuffed out due to gang violence, murders of family members by other family members. We can become numb to the violence that we hear about on a daily basis. The Episcopal Church condemns violence against anyone. We seek to end violence based on gender, race, color, creed and sexual orientation. We also encourage programs aimed at ending violence in our schools. We urge our dioceses to promote a culture of nonviolence by making educational materials, training and resource people available to our parishes.

Working together for justice.

[7/24/2011]  Churches hold anti-violence vigil on Chicago's Halsted strip
[Windy City Times (IL)] In the midst of bar-hoppers walking down the North Halsted strip, dozens of people held candles or lilies while various individuals spoke, sang, prayed or offered meditations--a response to recent violence.

[6/10/2011]  ENGLAND: 9/11 initiative launched as 'Awareness Sunday'
[6/9/2011]  New Jersey pastor gets hate mail over interfaith service
[North Jersey Media (NJ)] The Rev. Andrew Butler of Montclair's progressive St. John's Episcopal Church has been receiving hate mail because he decided to hold an interfaith worship service intended to unite Christian and Muslim traditions and together worship God.

[6/8/2011]  Sudan violence 'grave concern'
[Clarion Ledger (MS)] Episcopal, Catholic and Methodist bishops jointly express their grave concern about the resumption of violence in Sudan and appeal for peace.

[4/10/2011]  Kinnelon, NJ, religious leaders spread message of peace in response to Quran burning
[NorthJersey.com] As the faith leaders passed out candles among the crowd of more than 40 attendees and sang songs of unity and faith in God, their message was clear: They wouldn't allow their faith to be dominated by those advocating violence in the name of God.

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