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[11/15/2011]  As injured American veterans return home, congregations reach out
Some wounds of war are all too visible -- a missing leg, a shattered arm. The invisible wounds of mind and soul are often more difficult to spot, and equally hard to treat. But those who know where to look can help them heal, and it's a message that is hitting home for U.S. congregations as more than 1.35 million veterans adjust to civilian life after deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Religion News Service reports.

[11/11/2011]  Veterans: A New Era of Serving God and Country
[Huffington Post] For many people who came of age through rites of passage in the 1960s, military service most often was looked upon as the least preferred life choice. Today the social and religious landscape of America is changing.

[11/11/2011]  Arkansas' St. Francis House program helps homeless veterans re-enter society
Eight years ago, Vietnam veteran Garry Clemmons was a homeless addict, depressed and anxious. Today, he's sober, remarried and working for the Episcopal Church-sponsored program he credits with turning his life around: the Veterans Re-Entry Program at St. Francis House in the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas

[9/8/2011]  Following 9/11, Episcopal chaplains made room for sacred space
"I realized we had to do something. We've got to step into the vacuum, step into the breach, either lean in or run away. We are chaplains. We know how to do chaplain's work."

[6/21/2011]  Episcopal priest and former Vietnam POW helps veterans
[Atlanta Constitution-Journal] The Rev. Robert Certain of St. Peter and St. Paul Episcopal Church in east Cobb, Georgia, had flashes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for decades, which is why he has organized at his church a non-profit organization dedicated to mental health problems of returning vets, as well as difficulties experienced by their families.

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