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Episcopal Business Administration Conference
The Episcopal Business Administration conference for Dioceses (EBAC) is an annual three-day conference sponsored by the Church Pension Group and the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society.  The conference endeavors to provide orientation, professional development and resource sharing for diocesan treasurers and business administrators in the Episcopal Church.  The purpose of the conference is to enhance the ability of these professionals to be of service to the Church at all levels.  Workshops are conducted by members of both the Church Pension Fund and the Episcopal Church Center staffs.  The conference provides the opportunity for diocesan staff to develop their professional skills, share resources and network with staff from other dioceses.

This conference, held in New York City in September, is particularly beneficial for those persons charged with the financial, administrative, and insurance functions of a diocese.  A pre-conference workshop is available for new administrators to learn the basics of the Church Pension Group.

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