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The investment assets of The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of The Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America (the “Society” or “DFMS.”) include both long-term assets such as endowment portfolio and charitable trusts, and short-term assets, such as DFMS operating cash and custodial accounts held for others.

The Trust Funds Book, issued annually, provides an update on the trust fund portfolio and investment activities of the DFMS.  The Trust Funds Book may be accessed below.  You may obtain a copy of the book by contacting the Treasurer’s Office.

Trust Fund Distribution Report - 3rd Quarter 2011
Trust Fund Distribution Report - 2nd Quarter 2011
Trust Fund Distribution Report - 1st Quarter 2011
Portfolio Performance - 3rd Quarter 2011
Portfolio Performance - 2nd Quarter 2011
Portfolio Performance - 1st Quarter 2011
Trust Funds Book 2010
Trust Funds Book 2009

Quarterly Trust Fund Distribution 2010

Quarterly Portfolio Performance 2010

Long-Term Historical Performance 2010

Trust Funds Index
Trust Funds Sorted by Name
Trust Funds Sorted by Income Class
Trust Funds Income Classes Sorted by Trust Number
Trust Funds Income Classes Sorted by Name
Trust Funds Sorted by Subject

Episcopal Church Scholarships

More than 60 scholarships are available through The Episcopal Church trust funds.  Learn more at Episcopal Church Scholarships for Young Adults

Investing With Us

Any Episcopal parish, diocese or other Episcopal-affiliated organization is welcome to place funds in custody in the DFMS Endowment Portfolio.  All funds so invested participate on a pro-rata basis in all returns and share proportionately in the investment management fees and expenses.  There are no additional charges for portfolio administration.  Each new custodial trust fund is created through a resolution of Executive Council.

Learn more about the Standard Operating Procedures of Custodial Trust Funds by downloading the document below or by contacting Margareth Crosnier de Bellaistre in the Treasurer’s Office.

Investment Policy Statement
Custodial Trust Funds Standard Operating Procedures
Long-Term Portfolio Account Data Sheet