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Socially Responsible Investing
The Socially Responsible Investments Committee, a subcommittee of the National Concerns Committee of the Executive Council, establishes the directives for socially responsible investments. These directives are largely guided by recommendations from the ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility) with respect to shareholder activism and other socially responsible investment issues. The current list of companies that are excluded from investment may be found here.

Directives for Socially Responsible Investments
Socially Responsible Investing: Presentation to Episcopal Business Administrators Conference 2006

Proxy Voting

The Treasurer votes the proxies of all companies held in the DFMS investment portfolios each year based on the principles adopted by the General Convention and the Executive Council within each triennium. 

Voting shares to elect boards of directors and take positions on resolutions are the primary ways shareholders participate in corporate decision making.  Because most shareholders do not attend annual meetings, corporations publish proxy statements and mail proxy cards to all of their shareholders. When the cards are returned, the company votes those shares in accordance with the shareholder's wishes. 

Developed by the Social Responsibility in Investments Committee of Executive Council, the church's resolutions on social issues challenge corporations to meet a higher standard of justice. They address such issues as the environment, fair lending, equal employment, military contracting, human rights and board diversity.  The current proxy voting guidelines may be found here.

DFMS Proxy Voting Guidelines
Proxy Edge Registration Form