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GC2003 Survey


Welcome To Minneapolis...

Issue 1, July 30

Issue 2, July 31

Issue 3, August 1

Issue 4, August 2

Issue 5, August 4

Issue 6, August 5

Issue 7, August 6

Issue 8, August 7

Issue 9, August 8 (Final)

Church sees future with 20/20 vision
A whole world in our hands
Griswold gladdened by Convention’s prayer, ‘mission energy’
How are you implementing the 20/20 vision for the church’s future?
Deputies concur: Same-sex rites in use, but common liturgies must wait
Budget decisions favor youth, cultural services
Committee elected to nominate candidates for next Presiding Bishop
For the living of these days
For the facing of this hour
Wrap-up of legislation
Media and mission
U.N.’s Jeffrey Sachs calls Church to moral challenge of reconciliation
World Mission statement calls for new focus on evangelism, service
Anglican Observer takes Convention as opportunity to connect with U.S. Episcopalians
Well, yes, we made it after all!
Churchwide action on same-gender blessings must wait, bishops say
Three cheers for volunteers
Consent decision sparks widespread reaction
In unity, diversity, ecumenical visitors share insights
What are you and your congregation doing to improve the environment?
Earth to Convention…protect our food
Those who opposed Robinson’s consent determined to go forward
Saints of God photo
Deputies elect Anderson VP; Werner re-elected president
Venezuela joins ECUSA
Venezuela nueva diócesis de ECUSA
Robinson ratified; Bishops vote 62-43
Interfaith voices strong in support, but church members fear divisions
Native American singers and drummers photo
Title III debate moves forward, sans dramatic changes
What can individuals do to further world peace?
Transfiguration: bomb tests spark lessons in peace
Nazi treatment of gays recalled
Signs and Wonders
Committee expedites 97 late-breaking resolutions
Accusations put Robinson consent on hold
Hiroshima and Healing
Bishop recalls Hiroshima blast: ‘I felt like the room…was dyed purple’
Unawareness is root of all racism, PB tells forum
Youth, young adults lead budget priorities
How should the church invest in youth?
Young adult voices replace rhetoric, command respect
Title III revision favors standing committees’ referral of candidates
Cultural competence essential for seminarians, advocates say
Culturally diverse rites vital to 20/20, bishops affirm
Saints come marching in
Gold: the color of our church
Deputies OK Robinson election
I will raise them up!
'One people reconciled'
Why must the church continue to confront racism?
Once deacons themselves?
Puerto Rico diocese joins ECUSA
Puerto Rico miembro pleno de ECUSA
Francis and Solheim honored
Bishops reject direct ordination to priesthood
Bishops to mull local option for same-sex rites
What is your opinion of capital punishment?
Robinson hearing sets stage for Deputies
Gap widens to chasm says Cape Town archbishop
Sunday Eucharist set for 10 a.m.; Nigerian Archbishop to preach
Witnesses debate blessings’ potential for mission
Ryan reiterates why he could not throw the switch
To the Pointillism
My Lord! What a morning of prayer
Miscellaneous Photo
Chapel's stations update Way of Cross
Art is muse for meditation
What is your prayer for Convention?
For all the saints: Bishops recommend names to calendar
20/20 energy surges through Convention
We're one big, happy Abrahamic family
Christian hope grew in Ground Zero's grief
Being a peace church in the world of war
Church's mission starts with inclusion
No more conversation on women’s ordination, committee decides
Briefly Noted…
Shop now in marketplace of faith
Miscellaneous Photos
Ethnic communities launch new caucus
Sexuality issues spark ‘teachable moments’across Convention
Dioceses encouraged to take up mission of reconciliation
This Family Robinson: New granddaughter delights bishop-elect
How does reconciliation occur in your diocese?
‘We need the gift of one another…,’ PB tells Convention
Nightly ‘General Convention News’ broadcast makes debut
Church’s youngest members find Convention home
Baptismal covenant forms foundation for Title III revisions
Comunidades étnicas se organizan para la Convención General
Catch cues from Cape Town
Middle East, 9/11, Bridging Cultures, 20/20... Can We Talk?
How is the General Convention reflecting the diversity of the Church?
Consent votes for bishops-elect
Visitors, guests emphasize our global connections
Experienced news teams working this convention
Enjoy Minneapolis – but not too much!
Young people add their voices to mix at convention
Budget seeks to reconcile abundance of faith in time of scarcity
Worship to embrace diversity of languages, cultures, music
Morning aims to help participants ground decisions in prayer
Peace group to mark Hiroshima anniversary, host workshops
The Witness magazine to honor peace and justice advocates
American Anglican Council offers ‘Place to Stand’ for traditional views
Collaborative of ministry groups share in ‘Claiming the Blessing’
Video showcases women’s ministries
Be sure to find “The Great Minnesota Welcome”
Committee members ponder issues of faith and genetics, food safety

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Wrap-up of legislation

GC 2003: Deputies on the floor of Convention (1)

GC 2003: Deputies on the floor of Convention (2)


This is an unofficial, unaudited, abbreviated summary of concurred actions of the 74th General Convention. It includes most of those posted by the General Convention Office as of 3 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 7. Some resolutions were not funded or not fully funded in the triennial budget authorization.


  • Reaffirmed commitment to eradicate racial injustice, require all persons elected or appointed to church posts to have anti-racism training within one year of appointment, encouraged Office of Peace and Justice to develop program to address racial profiling and other abuses of criminal justice system (A010).


  • Entered the commemorations of Enmegahbowh, Florence Nightingale and Philip the Deacon, already approved for trial use, in the Calendar of the Church Year, Book of Common Prayer (A093).

Commendation / Courtesy

  • Rendered thanks and praise to God for the life and servanthood of John Kemper Cannon, former deputy, parliamentarian, chancellor to House of Deputies president, member of Executive Council, and extended condolences to his family (D053).


  • Mandated that materials issued by the Church Center be multilingual when appropriate; asked Executive Council and staff to employ translation services; consider budget allocation of $85,000 per year (A082).
  • Required all audio-visual materials produced by and for General Convention and programs of the Executive Council to be closed captioned for the deaf and subtitled or dubbed in Spanish and other languages (C027).
  • Directed that all official documents, publications, digital publications, Episcopal News Service, the Presiding Bishop’s monthly message pastoral letters of the House of Bishops, summary reports of General Convention, and Executive Council resolutions be published in Spanish and French no later than 2006 and encouraged dioceses, congregations and other agencies to do the same (C029).
  • Directed the Office of Communications to develop a multi-lingual national advertising campaign with radio and television advertisements reflecting the multi-cultural nature of the Episcopal Church and urged congregations and dioceses to offer training in welcoming and incorporating those who may come in response (A081).

Constitution / Canons

  • Amended Canon 1.17.2 to read: (a) All members of this Church who have received Holy Communion in this Church at least three times during the preceding year are to be considered communicants of this Church. (b) For the purpose of statistical consistency throughout the Church, communicants 16 years of age and over are to be considered adult communicants (A045).
  • Ratified all actions taken by and in the name of the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music since the adjournment sine die of the 72 nd General Convention (A041).
  • Amended Canon I.1.2(n) by adding a subsection spelling out membershipon the Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music duties (A040).
  • Amended second sentence of Article II, Section 2 to read “120 days” instead of three months before Convention for House of Deputies and diocesan bishops to approve bishops-elect (A039).
  • Amended Canon I.4.2(b) to include this sentence: “The term of a member shall become vacant in the event of two absences from meetings of the Council in the interval between successive regular meetings of the General Convention unless excused by the Chair for good cause” (A009).

Domestic Mission

  • Amended Canon I.6.1 concerning parish reports to include this revised sentence: “In every Parish and other Congregation the preparation and filing of this report shall be the joint duty of the Rector or member of the Clergy in charge thereof and the lay leadership; and before the filing thereof the report shall be approved by the Vestry or bishop’s committee or mission council” (A072).
  • Authorized creation of a six-person task force of Executive Council to assess ministry opportunities with and for an aging population (A007).


  • Reaffirmed a 1997 resolution calling for “substantive dialogue between Christians and Muslims” and directed current and future ECUSA efforts at education to embody and strengthen those dialogues, maintaining the theological integrity of both faith communities (A090).
  • Directed the Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations to study and present Reuilly Accord of 1998 between the French Reformed Church, the French Lutheran Church and the Church of England for possible ratification by the 75th General Convention (B003).
  • Authorized continuing dialogue with the Moravian Church in America which may lead to full communion including interchangeability of clergy and established interim Eucharistic sharing under certain guidelines (A087).
  • Requested that the Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations be in conversation with representatives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to monitor ways the ELCA ordination bylaw exception is affecting full communion (A086).
  • Gave thanks for the start of dialogue with the Reformed Episcopal Church and the Anglican Province of America and referred to the Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations a report submitted by bishops of the Anglican Communion concerning the validity of Holy Orders of the Reformed Episcopal Church (B006).

Ethnic Ministries

  • Reaffirmed the “Decade of Remembrance, Recognition and Reconciliation” (1997-2007) with each diocese taking steps to recognize and welcome Native Peoples into congregational life; request budget for grants for projects for leadership training programs for young adults, evangelism, mission among urban and rural Native Peoples (C008).
  • Retained desks for Asiamerica Ministries, Black Ministries, Hispanic Ministries and Native American Ministries at the Church Center with dual and equal responsibilities for advocacy and congregational development and with necessary budget (C015).


  • Commended study of “A Christian Response to the New Genetics” and asked the church to call on provinces and dioceses to encourage local education, provide resource teams, stress the importance of basic education about science and biomedicine and support teaching of biomedical ethics in seminaries (A013).
  • Reaffirmed that children are gifts from God, that genetic testing may be in the child’s interest, treatment for genetic diseases may be used if proven safe, new genetic techniques may be used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization to avoid procreation of human beings with clearly serious disorders of their DNA or chromosomes and that it is not morally acceptable to use reproductive cloning or for physicians, scientists or prospective parents to engage in it (A012).

Evangelism and 20/20

  • Called on every Episcopalian to be able to articulate his or her faith story and urged dioceses and congregations to create opportunities for the stories to be told (A083).
  • Asked the church to reach out to groups who have felt unwelcome or alienated, particularly those who identify themselves as the “new majority” characterized by diversity of race, ethnicity, language, disability and sexual orientation (C006).
  • Directed the Standing Committee on Domestic Mission and Evangelism to develop strategic plans to meet measurable goals of the 20/20 vision and to report annually to Executive Council and the church at large about progress toward the 20/20 vision in each of the nine areas: leadership, spirituality, prayer and worship, research, new congregation development, vital congregations, next generations, communication, funding and reporting (A084).
  • Urged the presiding bishop  and Executive Council to establish a Mission Funding Office for the church and that this office initiate a discernment process for a church-wide mission funding effort focused on, but not limited to, the 20/20 initiatives (A140).

General Convention 2006

  • Selected Columbus, Ohio as the site of the 75th General Convention, 2006 (A154).


  • Authorized continuation of Executive Council’s Committee on HIV/AIDs for 2004-2006 as well as a survey of HIV/AIDS ministries at all levels of the church and an annual report to Executive Council on the state of the church’s response. 


  • Encouraged the church to speak out for an end to all forms of religious persecution and war  by instituting, recognizing, supporting and encouraging the yearly celebration of interfaith worship services.


  • Authorized continuing use of “Enriching Our Worship, Volume 1: The Daily Office, Great Litany and Eucharist” and “Enriching Our Worship Volume 2: Ministry with the Sick and Dying and Burial of a Child” during 2003-2006 under the direction of the diocesan bishop (A091).
  • Endorsed “Leadership Program for Musicians Serving Small Congregations” and its continuing education for musical leadership and asked the Church Center to promote and distribute information about the program to all congregations with average Sunday attendance of 150 or fewer (B010).
  • Directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to revise “Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2000” to reflect awareness of the importance of cultural diversity in the church, the Anglican Communion and among our ecumenical partners (A100).
  • Directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to prepare and collect rites and music that are culturally diverse for use in a wide range of settings to advance the goals of 20/20, and to further develop “Enriching Our Worship” and “Enriching our Music” (A092).


  • Directed the Standing Commission on Ministry Development to convene a partnership including members from the Church Pension Fund, the Episcopal Church Foundation, the Council of Seminary Deans and others to address the issue of seminarian debt and report back to the 75 th General Convention with recommendations (A064).
  • Directed the Office of Congregational Development to print, distribute and promote “Expanding Mission and Vitality in Small Congregations: A Framework Affirming and Strengthening the Ministry of Small Churches” (A133).
  • Encouraged each diocese to develop a plan and make provisions for the continuing education of all clergy and lay professionals  or participate in a pilot program for the development of such a program sponsored by the Office for Ministry Development (A121).
  • Asked the Standing Commission on Ministry Development to consult with dioceses and the North American Association of the Diaconate and to study the role of deacons in the church (A119).
  • Direct the Standing Commission on Ministry Development, with funding from sources outside General Convention, to convene a Strategic Planning Committee consisting of bishops, seminary deans and provincial representatives to collaborate for six years and prepare a study charting the future of theological education in the church and then  report to the 75th and 76th General Conventions (A120).

National issues

  • Urged Congress to repeal the mandatory federal sentencing guidelines used in federal criminal matters and directed the Office of Government Relations to work for that repeal (A008).

New dioceses

  • Admitted the Diocese of Venezuela to the Episcopal Church USA as a member diocese of Province 9, entitled to all the rights of membership provided in the Constitution and Canons. Membership will become effective when Executive Council approves certification from the Secretary of General Convention  that the diocese’s constitution and canons conform to those of the Episcopal Church (A142).
  • Admitted the Diocese of Puerto Rico, recognized it as a diocese in union with the General Convention, declared its clergy and lay employees eligible to participate in the companion pension plan (A141).


  • Endorsed a statement of priorities in rank order for the budget of the next triennium and directed the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance to use those priorities in the forming the budget. The priorities: young adults and youth; reconciliation and evangelism, congregational transformation, justice and peace; partnerships (D039). 


  • Authorized the presiding bishop to continue Forward Movement Publications under his supervision and to appoint necessary staff members (A005).


  • Ordered the establishment of a task force of 10 to 15 people – laity, bishops, priests, deacons – with experience in dealing with sexual misconduct in church settings. The task force is to study and gather information about institutional wellness for the prevention of sexual misconduct. The study is to cover screening, selection and training of clergy, lay employees and volunteers, monitoring and supervision, behavior management, incident investigation and articulation of pastoral standards and codes of ethical behavior (A023).


  • Encouraged all members of the church to develop a personal discipline of daily prayer and study, weekly corporate prayer and the habit of tithing. Asked that bishops and deputies be given a chance to sign a statement that they are tithing as a minimum standard of giving and that they invite all members to do the same – the full statement and list of signatories to be published (A135).
  • Urged congregations to adopt 50/50 sharing – spending as much of their time and money outside the congregation as on themselves – as well as giving 1 percent to seminaries and .7 percent to international development programs addressing root causes of illness, illiteracy and economic justice (A138).
  • Urged the presiding bishop to establish a Mission Funding Office for the church and that this office initiate a discernment process for church-wide mission funding effort focused on, but not limited to, the 20/20 initiatives (A140).


  • Urged the appropriation of funds for provincial coordinators (A146).


  • Directed the Church Center staff to use data from the 21st Century Survey and other sources to develop  educational resources on the church’s responses to issues of violence, poverty, injustice and exclusion, particularly as these pertain to women (A030).
  • Directed Executive Council to appoint a task force to explore ways to include all (both women and men) in church’s use of biblical and theological language and visual images, to create guidelines to assure inclusion of both sexes, all ages and all ethnicities and races, to encourage incorporation of guidelines in worship, preaching, education, written materials, etc. at all levels of the church (A026).

World Mission

  • Adopted the principle that world mission funds historically committed to dioceses in covenant with the U.S. church be re-deployed in other areas of the church’s global engagement, especially to world mission, as those levels of support diminish. Directed the Standing commission on World Mission and the joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance to develop a financial plan to present to General Convention in 2006 (A151).
  • Commended Executive Council for its collaboration with Episcopal Partnership for Global Mission and its recognition of missionaries at its January meeting in 2003 (A152).

Youth and young adults

  • Directed the Ministries with Young People Cluster to review and identify existing internship programs for 18- to 30-year-old members of the church, particularly those that focus on social justice, discipleship, simple living, intentional community, spiritual formation, theological reflection and vocational discernment. Encouraged dioceses, congregations and educational institutions to explore and develop new internships and leadership programs including programs to send young people into mission fields and to seek funding to support this work  (0A65).


Full General Convention 2003 Schedule

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