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Violence and War

The Church has affirmed that it takes “with the utmost seriousness the questions which the teaching of Jesus places against violence in human relationships and the use of armed force by those who would follow him, and the example of redemptive love which the cross holds before all people.” Through advocating for an end to specific conflicts, such as that between Israelis and Palestinians, reduction in nuclear arms or urging the study of “just war” policy, we seek to find peace and end violence and oppression.

Working together for justice.

Violence and War

1976-B182 Affirm Bicentennial by Resolving Issues Relating to the Vietnam War
1976-C058 Urge Educational Programs on Church-State Relationships and the Waging of War
1976-D074 Condemn Acts of Terrorism and Nations Which Support Them
1979-C040 Affirm Funding and Support of the Church in Uganda
1979-D005 Oppose Peacetime Conscription or Compulsory Service
1979-D007 Adopt Lambeth Conference Resolution on War and Violence
1985-A127 Adopt the Report "To Make Peace" As an Official Statement
1985-D011 Encourage the Lambeth Conference to Address the Issues of War, Violence and Nuclear Arms
1985-D021 Examine and Report on Forms of Violence in Church and Society
1985-D064 Urge Redress for Those Affected by Wartime Relocation and Internment
1985-D070 Condemn the War Conducted by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan
1985-D076 Condemn Acts of Terrorism
1988-D021 Call for Release of Hostages Held by Terrorist Groups
1988-D125 Condemn Acts of Terrorism and Assist the Affected Countries
1991-A156 Urge U.S. Role in Ending Violence in South Africa
1991-A160 Call for Peace and Non-military Assistance in Central America
1991-B011 Urge Awareness of Anglican Primates' Statement on the Middle East
1991-B046 Express Sorrow for Death and Destruction in Kuwait
1991-C022 Renew Commitment to Address Violence in Society
1991-D133 Urge Progress Toward Elections and Civilian Control in El Salvador
1994-A049 Encourage Ministries That Respond to Violence Against Women
1994-A103 Affirm 1993 Israeli-PLO Declaration of Principles
1994-B008 Observe World War II Anniversaries and Commit to Abolition of Racism and Nuclear War
1994-D005 Call for Church Opposition to Violence
1994-D129 Express Support for the People and Church of Rwanda
2000-A130 Affirm Solidarity with and Support for Persecuted Christians in Sudan
2000-C025 Urge Education, Prayer, and Local Response to Issues of Sexual and Domestic Violence
2000-D009 Condemn All Hate Crimes
2003-A028 Encourage Support for Women and Children in War-Torn Areas
2003-A033 Urge Church Members to Study Just War Theory and Criteria
2003-D068 Prepare a Study on New Warfare Situations
2006-D020 Oppose the War in Iraq and Support Nonviolent Means to Ending Conflict
EXC062002.17 Support for Peace Process in Sierra Leone

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