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Refugees/Immigration Policy

Refugees are people forced from their countries by war, civil conflict, political strife or gross human rights abuses. Most are women and children. Internally Displaced People (IDPs) remain in their countries, but are forced from their home area by internal conflicts. Immigrants come to this country in search of a better life for themselves and their families. As part of a worldwide Communion, we have neighbors everywhere. Whether through refugee resettlement, working with Episcopal Migration Ministries, parish outreach to immigrants, or advocacy on government refugee and immigration policies, the Episcopal Church helps give individuals and families a better life.

Working together for justice.

Refugees and Migration

1979-D064 Express Concern for Soviet Christian Refugees
1979-D124 Urge Congregations to Continue to Sponsor Refugee Resettlement
1982-A063 Encourage Relief for Refugees
1982-D051 Urge Immigration and Church Sponsorship of Amerasian Children
1982-D059 Urge Church to Deepen Its Commitment to Alleviating Hunger
1985-B038 Support the Ministry of St. Michael's Chapel to Political Refugees
1985-D018 Call on the Government to Grant Immigration Status to Central American War Refugees
1985-D064 Urge Redress for Those Affected by Wartime Relocation and Internment
1985-D107 Request Governmental Action to Bring Relief to Cambodian Refugees
1985-D113 Request Congress to Reform Immigration Legislation
1985-D125 Urge Government to Grant Departure Status to Guatemalan and Haitian Refugees
1988-B032 Request the ACC to Assist With the Settlement of Refugee Bishops and Clergy
1988-D113 Urge Support to Refugees in Hong Kong
1991-A154 Call on Congress to Reinstate Sanctions Against South Africa
1991-B011 Urge Awareness of Anglican Primates' Statement on the Middle East
1991-D142 Give Priority to the Repatriation and Resettlement of Liberians
1991-D200 Commend the Protection of Kurds and Shi'ites in Iraq
1991-D203 Call to Release Assets of Refugees of the Gulf Crisis
1994-A101 Urge the US Government to Apply Equitable Refugee Policies
1994-D020 Advocate on Behalf of Human Rights in Burma
1994-D129 Express Support for the People and Church of Rwanda
1994-D132 Reject Racism Toward Immigrants and Request the Church to Respond
1997-A129 Charge Dioceses and Provinces with Ministry to Migrant Farm Worker
1997-C017 Support Asylum Rights of Women Fleeing Mutilation
1997-D016 Take Actions to Express Church's Support of Religious Freedom
1997-D081 Develop Advocacy Agenda of Refugee Admissions and Asylum
2000-A053 Adopt Migration Ministries Mission Statement
2003-C028 Support the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride
2003-C033 Urge Legislation to Expand Temporary Workers' Programs
2003-D023 Support the People of Liberia
2006-A017 Adopt the Fundamental Principles Included in “The Alien Among You” as the Policy of the Episcopal Church
2006-C008 Reaffirm the Right of Workers to Organize and Form Unions
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation

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