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Global Justice

Peace Making

"Will you strive for justice and peace among all people?” “I will, with God’s help.” Episcopalians, acting on this promise in the baptismal covenant, have sought not only to bring peace to specific regions throughout the world, but also to build a culture of non-violence and proactive peacemaking at home.

Working together for justice.

Peace Making

1979-D073 Commend the Ministry of Reconciliation in Ireland
1982-A135 Establish a Joint Commission on Peace
1982-C022 Urge Congregations to Sponsor Forums to Reconcile Experiences of the Vietnam War
1982-D020 Affirm the Lambeth Statement on Non-violent Action for Justice and Peace
1982-D069 Express Gratitude to the Bishop of Down and Dromore of the Church of Ireland
1985-A127 Adopt the Report "To Make Peace" As an Official Statement
1985-A128 Study Statements on Peace and Nuclear Deterrence
1985-C072 Pray for Peace in South Africa
1985-D040 Request the Church and Individual Members to Work for Peace
1985-D114 Request an Appeal for Financial Support for the Church in South Africa
1988-A146 Support and Fund a Ministry of Reconciliation in Central America
1988-B039 Urge the Government to Normalize Relations With Vietnam
1988-C017 Support Efforts Toward Peace in Central America
1988-D017 Support Conscientious Decisions Regarding Individual Participation in War
1988-D049 Endorse the NCCC's Policy Statement on the Reunification of Korea
1988-D053 Affirm Goals of Justice, Peace and Reconciliation for Israelis and Palestinians
1991-A163 Commend the Establishment of the Episcopal Peace and Justice Network
1991-A164 Commend the Presiding Bishop's Response to the Persian Gulf War
1991-B011 Urge Awareness of Anglican Primates' Statement on the Middle East
1991-C033 Encourage the Peaceful Resolution of Conflict Within the Church and Beyond
1991-D008 Urge a Peaceful Resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
1994-A102 Urge Congregations Into Conversations With Jews and Muslims
1994-B008 Observe World War II Anniversaries and Commit to Abolition of Racism and Nuclear War
1994-D005 Call for Church Opposition to Violence
1997-B012 Extend Greetings to Bishop Belo and Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor
1997-B033 Pray for and Assist the People of Sierra Leone
1997-D049 Express Appreciation to the Church in Japan and Sorrow for Acts of War
1997-D055 Reaffirm Interfaith Dialogue and Acknowledge Prejudice Against Jews
1997-D069 Endorse Substantive Dialogue Between Christian and Muslim Communities
2000-A004 Commend the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission
2000-A005 Apologize for U.S. Complicity with South Africa Apartheid
2000-A058 Encourage Congregations to Adopt a "A Pledge of Nonviolence"
2000-D022 Support the UN's "Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence"
2003-A033 Urge Church Members to Study Just War Theory and Criteria
2003-A090 Reaffirm Christian-Muslim Dialogue
2003-A132 Urge Dioceses and Congregations to Study Just War Theory and Pacifism
2003-C024 Support Non-violent Foreign Policy
2003-C031 End All Forms of Religious Persecution and War
2006-A015 Encourage a Renewed Commitment to the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East
2006-A123 Study Economic Benefits Derived from Slavery
2006-A127 Endorse Restorative Justice and Anti-Racism
2006-A160 Express Regret for Straining the Bonds of the Church
2006-B035 Affirm Commitment to Reconciliation
2006-C011 Support Legislation for Reparations for Slavery
2006-D018 Support Nonviolence Training
2006-D020 Oppose the War in Iraq and Support Nonviolent Means to Ending Conflict
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC021999.14 Relations Between the United States and Cuba
EXC061984.13 Promotion of the 12- Point Program for the Prevention of Torture
EXC102000.12 Support for Reconciliation Between Israel and Palestine
EXC111983.42 Episcopal Church Encouraged to Establish a Peace Making Ministry
EXC111998.23 US Urged to Pay Back Dues to the UN

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