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Middle East

Heartbreaking and seemingly intractable, violence continues to dominate the headlines concerning the Middle East. Yet, efforts to bring peace and justice to the land called holy never die. The Episcopal Church has consistently called for a peaceful resolution to every conflict, while deploring the abrogations of people’s rights throughout the region. The Episcopal Church is committed to a just peace that guarantees Israel’s security and Palestinian aspirations for a viable sovereign state with Jerusalem as the shared capital of both Israel and Palestine. Read the resolutions below to understand our church’s position on complex issues, and how you can make a difference.

Working together for justice.

Middle East

1976-D074 Condemn Acts of Terrorism and Nations Which Support Them
1979-D089 Express Thankfulness for Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty
1982-B047 Call for Peace in the Middle East
1985-B017 Oppose Moving the United States Embassy From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
1985-D041 Oppose Resuming the Production of Chemical Weapons
1985-D076 Condemn Acts of Terrorism
1988-D021 Call for Release of Hostages Held by Terrorist Groups
1988-D053 Affirm Goals of Justice, Peace and Reconciliation for Israelis and Palestinians
1988-D119 Urge Financial Relief of and Interest in the Diocese of Jerusalem
1988-D176 Express Pain and Prayers Concerning Hostilities With Iran
1991-A146 Endorse the Conversion of Economic Resources From Military to Civilian Use
1991-A147 Support a Two-state Solution for Israel and the Palestinian People
1991-A149 Urge a Full Accounting of the Use of Foreign Aid in the Middle East
1991-A150 Support an Anglican Presence in the Middle East
1991-A164 Commend the Presiding Bishop's Response to the Persian Gulf War
1991-B011 Urge Awareness of Anglican Primates' Statement on the Middle East
1991-B046 Express Sorrow for Death and Destruction in Kuwait
1991-D008 Urge a Peaceful Resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
1991-D122 Distinguish Between Criticism of Israeli Policy and Expression of Anti-Jewish Prejudice
1991-D130 Affirm Commitment to Religious Liberty in Middle East
1991-D186 Express Concern Over Weapons in the Middle East and Call for Arms Controls
1991-D200 Commend the Protection of Kurds and Shi'ites in Iraq
1991-D202 Call to End Trials of Alleged Collaborators Against Kuwait
1991-D203 Call to Release Assets of Refugees of the Gulf Crisis
1994-A102 Urge Congregations Into Conversations With Jews and Muslims
1994-A103 Affirm 1993 Israeli-PLO Declaration of Principles
1994-D065 Recognize Illegality of Israeli Settlements in Gaza and the West Bank
1997-A107 Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Both Israel and Palestine
2003-A028 Encourage Support for Women and Children in War-Torn Areas
2003-D008 Urge Israel to End Policy of Demolition of Palestinian Homes
2003-D020 Oppose Legal Systems Which Violate Human Rights
2003-D081 Oppose Construction of the Israeli Security Wall
2006-A015 Encourage a Renewed Commitment to the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East
EXC021989.33 Support for Palestinian Refugees in Israel
EXC061995.12 Support for Peace Process in Jerusalem
EXC102000.12 Support for Reconciliation Between Israel and Palestine

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