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Global Justice

Latin America and the Caribbean

Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador… all of these nations in our hemisphere have suffered violence in recent decades. Civil wars in the region have produced thousands of refugees. Violations of human rights, economic distress, embargos on travel – these woes have been felt keenly by our sisters and brothers in Episcopal dioceses in the region. You can help to strengthen our dioceses and Anglican partners in this region through mission service, development initiatives, and public policy advocacy.

Working together for justice.

Latin America and the Caribbean

1982-A063 Encourage Relief for Refugees
1982-D100 Request the Government to End Military Assistance to El Salvador
1985-A129 Call for a Negotiated, Non-military Solution to Conflict in Central America
1985-B038 Support the Ministry of St. Michael's Chapel to Political Refugees
1985-D018 Call on the Government to Grant Immigration Status to Central American War Refugees
1985-D125 Urge Government to Grant Departure Status to Guatemalan and Haitian Refugees
1988-A146 Support and Fund a Ministry of Reconciliation in Central America
1988-C017 Support Efforts Toward Peace in Central America
1991-A160 Call for Peace and Non-military Assistance in Central America
1991-B044 Oppose Use of Foreign Countries as Dumping Places for Waste
1991-C054 Express Solidarity With Sugar Cane Workers in the Dominican Republic
1991-D021 Urge Improved Diplomatic Relations Between U.S. and Cuba
1991-D133 Urge Progress Toward Elections and Civilian Control in El Salvador
1991-D144 Support Structural Reforms to Alleviate Poverty in Brazil
1994-A101 Urge the US Government to Apply Equitable Refugee Policies
1994-D125 Urge International Effort to Relieve the Haitian Situation
1997-A105 Commend the Guatemalan Peace Process
1997-D009 Call for an End to US Military Training That Violates Human Rights
2000-A012 Call for Partnerships to Address the Needs of Haiti
2000-C045 Request Restoration of Diplomatic Relations Between the U.S. and Cuba
2003-D054 Keep America's "Promise to Africa"
2006-A017 Adopt the Fundamental Principles Included in “The Alien Among You” as the Policy of the Episcopal Church
2006-D005 Oppose Criminalization of Homosexuality
EXC021998.14 Relations Between the United States and Cuba
EXC061996.18 Visitations to the Diocese of Cuba
EXC061999.10 Environmental Cleanup in Panama

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