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Global Justice

Human Rights and Religious Freedom

Our baptismal covenant calls us to “respect the dignity of every human being.” Our church partners around the world know they can count on us to stand with them as they seek relief from persecution or justice for oppressed minorities. Even as we Episcopalians build awareness in our own churches, we seek to bring the plight of others to our nation’s lawmakers. Review the record below, listen to your heart, and discern where in the world God’s people are calling for your prayers and support.

Working together for justice.

Human Rights and Religious Freedom

1976-A043 Express Concern over Religious Repression in the Soviet Union
1976-A069 Recognize the Equal Claims of Homosexuals
1976-A071 Support the Right of Homosexuals to Equal Protection of the Law
1976-D036 Support Efforts by Church, Government and Business to End Apartheid
1976-D070 Call for Efforts to Restore Freedom in Oppressive States
1976-D076 Deplore the Stifling of Free Expression in South Korea
1985-D068 Urge Observance of the Helsinki Accords on Human Rights
1985-D069 Affirm Guidelines for Working for Religious Liberty
1988-D024 Support and Pray for Religious Freedom Throughout the World
1988-D050 Join in Expressing Support for Human Rights in Japan
1991-A147 Support a Two-state Solution for Israel and the Palestinian People
1991-A149 Urge a Full Accounting of the Use of Foreign Aid in the Middle East
1991-A150 Support an Anglican Presence in the Middle East
1991-B048 Support and Encourage the Churches of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
1991-C054 Express Solidarity With Sugar Cane Workers in the Dominican Republic
1991-D008 Urge a Peaceful Resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
1991-D052 Urge Government of Japan to Uphold Minority Rights
1991-D127 Affirm Support for Religious Freedom in the People's Republic of China
1991-D129 Encourage Governmental Dialogue and Religious Cooperation With Vietnam
1991-D130 Affirm Commitment to Religious Liberty in Middle East
1991-D202 Call to End Trials of Alleged Collaborators Against Kuwait
1994-A097 Urge the US Government to Adopt a Policy of Peace and Justice in the Philippines
1994-C019 Reaffirm Resolution on Equal Protection Under Law for Homosexuals
1994-D008 Support Reparations and Study of Japanese Treatment of Koreans
1994-D012 Support Human Rights and Church Relations in Sudan
1994-D013 Reaffirm and Express Gratitude for Religious Freedom in Russia
1994-D015 Reaffirm Support for Human Rights
1994-D020 Advocate on Behalf of Human Rights in Burma
1994-D091 Deplore Practice of Forced Abortions and Sterilization in China
1994-D132 Reject Racism Toward Immigrants and Request the Church to Respond
1997-A107 Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Both Israel and Palestine
1997-D009 Call for an End to US Military Training That Violates Human Rights
1997-D016 Take Actions to Express Church's Support of Religious Freedom
1997-D069 Endorse Substantive Dialogue Between Christian and Muslim Communities
2000-A130 Affirm Solidarity with and Support for Persecuted Christians in Sudan
2000-B047 Express Concern and Urge Support for Persecuted Christian Minority in Pakistan
2000-B053 Express Concern over Persecution in Indonesia
2000-C043 Affirm and Endorse The Cambridge Accord
2000-C045 Request Restoration of Diplomatic Relations Between the U.S. and Cuba
2000-D024 Call on U.S. Government to Condemn All Forms of Caste-Based Discrimination
2003-A090 Reaffirm Christian-Muslim Dialogue
2003-C031 End All Forms of Religious Persecution and War
2003-D014 Reaffirm Actions on Japanese-American Internment
2003-D020 Oppose Legal Systems Which Violate Human Rights
2006-A017 Adopt the Fundamental Principles Included in “The Alien Among You” as the Policy of the Episcopal Church
2006-D005 Oppose Criminalization of Homosexuality
EXC021985.27 Urge Christians to End Racism and Religious Bigotry
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC061984.13 Promotion of the 12- Point Program for the Prevention of Torture
EXC111998.23 US Urged to Pay Back Dues to the UN

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