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Economic Development and Responsible Investing

Read the resolutions below and learn about the church’s Social Responsibility in Investments Committee for insights into how The Episcopal Church has put values and ethics into action – urging divestment and boycotts to help end apartheid in South Africa; and urging corporate investments, micro-credit initiatives and a halt to embargos to restore economies from Asia to Latin America. We also advocate for government policy to increase development assistance, fair trade, and debt relief.

Working together for justice.

Economic Development and Responsible Investing

1976-D036 Support Efforts by Church, Government and Business to End Apartheid
1976-D070 Call for Efforts to Restore Freedom in Oppressive States
1982-D029 Call for Reordering of Federal Budget Priorities
1985-D040 Request the Church and Individual Members to Work for Peace
1985-D073 Mandate Divestment in Companies Doing Business in South Africa and Namibia
1988-B013 Urge Continued Reduction of Nuclear Weapons and Funding for Human Needs
1988-B050 Adopt Statement on Diplomatic and Economic Sanctions Against South Africa
1988-B052 Endorse the Boycott Against International Oil Companies in South Africa
1988-D057 Adopt the MacBride Principles to Guide Investment in the North of Ireland
1991-A154 Call on Congress to Reinstate Sanctions Against South Africa
1991-D021 Urge Improved Diplomatic Relations Between U.S. and Cuba
1991-D143 Commend Actions to End Economic and Diplomatic Isolation of Vietnam
1991-D144 Support Structural Reforms to Alleviate Poverty in Brazil
1994-A042 Encourage Church Investment Strategy on Hazardous Chemicals
1994-A097 Urge the US Government to Adopt a Policy of Peace and Justice in the Philippines
1994-D020 Advocate on Behalf of Human Rights in Burma
1994-D065 Recognize Illegality of Israeli Settlements in Gaza and the West Bank
1994-D125 Urge International Effort to Relieve the Haitian Situation
1997-B014 Commend Responsible Corporate Investment in South Africa and Namibia
1997-D015 Reaffirm the Goals of Jubilee Year 2000
2000-A001 Support and Fund International Education, Advocacy and Development Programs
2000-A002 Adopt Ethical Guidelines for International Economic Development
2000-A003 On the Topic of Aid and Private Investment in South Africa
2000-D033 Urge Dioceses and Congregations to Contribute to International Development Programs and Support Micro-Credit Initiatives
2000-D102 Urge CPF to Develop Investment Policies Based on Principles of the Jubilee Year of Justice
2003-A035 Call on the Church to Implement U.N. Millennium Development Goals in Africa
2003-D006 Endorse UN Millennium Development Goals
2006-A010 Affirm "Call to Partnership" and Pursue Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC042003.18 Disinvestment from Military Contractors
EXC061995.19 Support for International Debt Forgiveness
EXC101994.21 Support for the MacBride Principles

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