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Asia and the Pacific

Struggles for human rights, struggles to overcome the bitter legacies of war, struggles to help refugees and persecuted minorities – these efforts of the churches, people’s movements and peace organizations are supported by Episcopalians in word and action. The Episcopal Church’s efforts for justice and democracy in the Philippines continue today; attention is being paid to critical situations in Myanmar, Korea, and Pakistan. What will the future bring? Where is your voice needed?

Working together for justice.


Asia and the Pacific

1976-B182 Affirm Bicentennial by Resolving Issues Relating to the Vietnam War
1976-D076 Deplore the Stifling of Free Expression in South Korea
1985-B040 Call for Rejection of Increased Military Aid to the Philippines
1985-D070 Condemn the War Conducted by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan
1985-D107 Request Governmental Action to Bring Relief to Cambodian Refugees
1988-B039 Urge the Government to Normalize Relations With Vietnam
1988-D049 Endorse the NCCC's Policy Statement on the Reunification of Korea
1988-D050 Join in Expressing Support for Human Rights in Japan
1988-D113 Urge Support to Refugees in Hong Kong
1988-D136 Commend Study of News From the Nuclear Free Pacific Movement
1991-C019 Express Solidarity With the Chinese People
1991-D052 Urge Government of Japan to Uphold Minority Rights
1991-D127 Affirm Support for Religious Freedom in the People's Republic of China
1991-D129 Encourage Governmental Dialogue and Religious Cooperation With Vietnam
1991-D143 Commend Actions to End Economic and Diplomatic Isolation of Vietnam
1994-A097 Urge the US Government to Adopt a Policy of Peace and Justice in the Philippines
1994-B008 Observe World War II Anniversaries and Commit to Abolition of Racism and Nuclear War
1994-D008 Support Reparations and Study of Japanese Treatment of Koreans
1994-D020 Advocate on Behalf of Human Rights in Burma
1994-D091 Deplore Practice of Forced Abortions and Sterilization in China
1997-A106 Pledge Support of Concrete Actions on US Military Bases on Okinawa
1997-B012 Extend Greetings to Bishop Belo and Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor
1997-C001 Extend Greetings to the Dalai Lama and the China Christian Council
1997-D049 Express Appreciation to the Church in Japan and Sorrow for Acts of War
2000-B047 Express Concern and Urge Support for Persecuted Christian Minority in Pakistan
2000-B053 Express Concern over Persecution in Indonesia
2000-D024 Call on U.S. Government to Condemn All Forms of Caste-Based Discrimination
2000-D028 Urge Removal of the U.S. Military from Okinawa
2000-D052 Reaffirm Commitment to Urban Mission and Ministry
2003-A028 Encourage Support for Women and Children in War-Torn Areas
2003-A037 Recognize the Rights of Korean Citizens During Status of Forces Agreement
2003-D020 Oppose Legal Systems Which Violate Human Rights
EXC021989.36 Constitution of the Diocese of North Central Philippines

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