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Arms Control and Militarism

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in recent decades has motivated Episcopalians to work for bans, controls and reductions through advocacy with every Congress and Administration. Likewise, we have supported church partners in Japan, Korea, the Middle East and Central America who have sought to demilitarize their regions.

Working together for justice.

Arms Control and Militarism

1976-D052 Commend Efforts to Control Nuclear Weapons
1982-A060 Request the Establishment of an Inter-faith Conference on Armaments Policy
1982-D029 Call for Reordering of Federal Budget Priorities
1982-D030 Endorse a Bilateral Freeze on the Testing and Production of Nuclear Weapons
1982-D031 Urge a Governmental Policy of No First Use of Nuclear Weapons
1982-D100 Request the Government to End Military Assistance to El Salvador
1985-A128 Study Statements on Peace and Nuclear Deterrence
1985-B040 Call for Rejection of Increased Military Aid to the Philippines
1985-D011 Encourage the Lambeth Conference to Address the Issues of War, Violence and Nuclear Arms
1985-D024 Oppose the Strategic Defense Initiative Known as "Star Wars"
1985-D040 Request the Church and Individual Members to Work for Peace
1985-D041 Oppose Resuming the Production of Chemical Weapons
1988-B013 Urge Continued Reduction of Nuclear Weapons and Funding for Human Needs
1988-D056 Commend the Statement by the United Methodist Church on the Nuclear Crisis
1988-D136 Commend Study of News From the Nuclear Free Pacific Movement
1988-D137 Commend Leaders for Efforts to Reduce Nuclear Armaments
1991-A146 Endorse the Conversion of Economic Resources From Military to Civilian Use
1991-A149 Urge a Full Accounting of the Use of Foreign Aid in the Middle East
1991-A160 Call for Peace and Non-military Assistance in Central America
1991-D021 Urge Improved Diplomatic Relations Between U.S. and Cuba
1991-D133 Urge Progress Toward Elections and Civilian Control in El Salvador
1991-D186 Express Concern Over Weapons in the Middle East and Call for Arms Controls
1991-D187 Study and Report on the Issue of the International Sale of Armaments
1994-A104 Deplore the Sale and Export of Conventional Armaments
1994-B008 Observe World War II Anniversaries and Commit to Abolition of Racism and Nuclear War
1994-C023 Call for an International Ban on Antipersonnel Mines
1994-D019 Request a Commission Study of Sale and Spread of Armaments
1994-D122 Urge U.S. President to Sign a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
1997-A106 Pledge Support of Concrete Actions on US Military Bases on Okinawa
1997-D022 Support the Goal of Total Nuclear Disarmament
1997-D033 Urge Legislation on the Safe Manufacture of Domestic Hand Guns
2000-A006 Urge Government to Prohibit the Export of Handguns
2000-B007 Request the Removal of Handguns and Assault Weapons
2000-D028 Urge Removal of the U.S. Military from Okinawa
2003-A037 Recognize the Rights of Korean Citizens During Status of Forces Agreement
EXC012003.14 Instructions for a Shareholder Resolution
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC061999.10 Environmental Cleanup in Panama

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