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Global Justice


Over the years we have expressed our solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Africa through mission service, funding partnerships, emergency response, and public policy advocacy. We have used multiple avenues to end apartheid in South Africa, persecution in Sudan, and war in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Central to our public policy advocacy has been our efforts to bring relief to heavily indebted countries in order to free up funds for education and health care work and our commitment to the Millennium Developments Goals to fight poverty that kills as well as HIV/AIDS and malaria. Bring your voice to new efforts toward justice and peace in Africa.

Working together for justice.


1976-D036 Support Efforts by Church, Government and Business to End Apartheid
1976-D074 Condemn Acts of Terrorism and Nations Which Support Them
1979-C040 Affirm Funding and Support of the Church in Uganda
1985-C049 Urge the Church to Emulate the Social Witness of the Church in South Africa
1985-C059 Condemn the Actions of the Government of South Africa in Namibia
1985-C072 Pray for Peace in South Africa
1985-D073 Mandate Divestment in Companies Doing Business in South Africa and Namibia
1985-D114 Request an Appeal for Financial Support for the Church in South Africa
1985-D118 Develop an Aggressive Scholarship Program for Black South Africans
1988-B050 Adopt Statement on Diplomatic and Economic Sanctions Against South Africa
1988-B051 Support Namibian Independence
1988-B052 Endorse the Boycott Against International Oil Companies in South Africa
1991-A147 Support a Two-State Solution for Israel and the Palestinian People
1991-A154 Call on Congress to Reinstate Sanctions Against South Africa
1991-A156 Urge U.S. Role in Ending Violence in South Africa
1991-D142 Give Priority to the Repatriation and Resettlement of Liberians
1994-D012 Support Human Rights and Church Relations in Sudan
1994-D069 Commend and Encourage Response to the Ugandan Orphan Crisis
1994-D129 Express Support for the People and Church of Rwanda
1997-B014 Commend Responsible Corporate Investment in South Africa and Namibia
1997-B033 Pray for and Assist the People of Sierra Leone
2000-A003 On the Topic of Aid and Private Investment in South Africa
2000-A004 Commend the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission
2000-A005 Apologize for U.S. Complicity with South Africa Apartheid
2000-A130 Affirm Solidarity with and Support for Persecuted Christians in Sudan
2003-A028 Encourage Support for Women and Children in War-Torn Areas
2003-A035 Call on the Church to Implement U.N. Millennium Development Goals in Africa
2003-D020 Oppose Legal Systems Which Violate Human Rights
2003-D023 Support the People of Liberia
2003-D054 Keep America's "Promise to Africa"
EXC021999.14 Relations Between the United States and Cuba

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