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Lay Leadership within the Church

Lay leaders provide skills and energy that empower the church for ministry. “The 99 percent” – the 2 million members who partner with some 18,000 ordained leaders – serve as paid and unpaid staff in congregations, dioceses, and national bodies.

Lay leaders who work as the “church scattered” in their daily life ministries also serve the church as vestry members, ministry staff, study leaders, strategic thinkers, and “worker bees.” Professionals in the church include musicians, ministry developers, directors of Christian formation (adult education or Sunday school) parish nurses, and executive secretaries, and many others.
Bishops can issue licenses for lay persons to serve as pastoral leaders, worship leaders or preachers; to help administer the Eucharist as Eucharistic ministers;  to act as Eucharistic visitors, taking Holy Communion to congregants not present during worship; or to offer instruction in the faith as catechists. Congregations discern lay members to serve as readers for Sunday worship and to carry out the many functions that advance the church in its mission.
The Episcopal Church looks to lay leadership to serve alongside ordained leaders. The resources, abilities, and gifts offered by lay members are the cornerstone of the good work the church accomplishes..

National Network of Episcopal Church Employees (NNECE)
A valuable resource providing relationships with other lay professionals through their nationwide network.

Theological Education for All
TEforALL is a reference tool for Episcopalians and all who want to study scripture,learn about church tradition,and apply God-given reason to the challenges of contemporary life.

National Episcopal Health Ministries
Our vision is that every Episcopal congregation becomes a vibrant, caring place of health and wholeness. Our mission is to promote health ministry in Episcopal congregations, assisting them to reclaim the Gospel imperative of health and wholeness.

National Association for Episcopal Christian Education Directors
A forum for Christian Educators for networking with other leaders, exploration of issues of professionalism and input to the National Church as priority and budget are set. Encourages Christian Educators to seek out and embrace practices of spiritual reflection, theological studies and excellence in vocation.


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