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Anglican Frontier Mission
Mission agency reaching out to the 25 largest and least Evangelized people groups.  “We have a simple focus at Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM): We desire to see 25 ethnic groups reached with the love of Jesus Christ. Simple as that!”

Amity Foundation
Highly respected Chinese Christian mission agency with opportunities for short and long term English teaching as well as young adult programs.

Asian Rural Institute
Located in Northern Japan, the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is an international training ground for grassroots rural leaders. ARI offers a number of volunteer opportunities.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
The place to go for all things medical.

Companion Diocese Relationship
Does your diocese have a companion relationship that your ministry can help nurture through International service? This link has information on companion diocese connections.

Episcopal Partnership for Global Mission
Connecting mission agencies of The Episcopal Church.

Episcopal Relief and Development
Episcopal Relief & Development is the international relief and development agency of the Episcopal Church of the United States, guided by the Episcopal Church’s principles of compassion, dignity and generosity as we work to heal a hurting world.

Global Episcopal Mission Network
“The GEM Network Website is a portal to information about the mission engagement of The Episcopal Church and Anglican Dioceses throughout the world.”

Solar Light for Africa
Solar Light for Africa, Ltd. (SLA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 Christian organization whose mission is to transform lives and empower the people of Africa by providing light and energy using the natural power of the sun. Founded by Retired Episcopal Bishop Alden Hathaway in 1997.             

South American Missionary Society
SAMS serves the Episcopal/Anglican Church by helping to send people. SAMS missionaries share the good news of Jesus Christ through words and actions in partnership with the Anglican Church primarily in the Americas.

The Episcopal Church Mission Personnel Office
The Episcopal Church sends missionaries on medium and long term assignments for young adults and young adults at heart!

Total Immersion Program China
Short and long term opportunities to teach English in China.

World Mission Sunday

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