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Short-Term Mission

The Canadian Churches' Forum for Global Ministries (CCFGM)
A great source for resources and training opportunities for short and long term misison.

Canadian Churches' Forum Global Ministries, Sojourning: A Leaders's Guide for Short Term Mission Travel ($15.00)  One of the best guides for short term mission on the market today.

Donnelly, Mary Rose, On Your Way: A Guide to your Overseas Intercultural Experience ($12.95)  An invaluable resource for medium and long term misisonaries available from CCFGM.

Johnson, George, Beyond Guilt Christian Response to Suffering.

The Presbyterian Church
A useful article for congregations interested in participating in development projects.

The Diocese of West Texas
A comprehensive guide for short term mission.

The Diocese of Virginia
A very active mission outreach program, information about which can be found on their website.

The Diocese of Massachusetts
A wealth of information and advice on short term mission planning on their website.

Mission to Mission
Mission to Mission publishes a number of manuals and booklets on a range of mission topics from preparation to re-entry.

Bread for the World Short Term Mission Advocacy Guide Resource
How can a short-term mission team continue their ministry once returning home? The new guide Getting Ready to Come Back helps Christians returning from mission trips become effective advocates to end hunger and poverty.

Washington Post Article on Fairfax Community
The Fairfax Community Church and their struggle to make their short term mission experience meaningful.

Kurt Ver Beeks article on short-term misison in Honduras
His article on short-term mission in Honduras is one of the few papers based on detailed research.

The spiritual side of short term mission
An article by the Reformed Church in America.

Rise of sunshine Samaritans: on a mission or holiday?
The Christian Science Monitor article on short term mission.

Study Questions Whether Short-Term Missions Make a Difference
Christianity Today article 2005.

International Bulletin of Missionary Research Vol 33 #4 October 2009
Pages 206-211 Mission to Nowhere: Putting short-term mission into context by Brian Howell.

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