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Some of our missionaries make news by the work they do. Others find themselves in the middle of newsmaking events around the world. All have stories to tell and experiences to share.

[10/17/2011]  Everyone, Everywhere: Jesus is found in mission, not outreach
In late 2007 the Rev. Zach Drennen, at the time working as a teacher and chaplain at a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, decided to take a three-month, self-funded sabbatical. But rather than hike the Appalachian Trail or climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Drennen, who was ordained an Episcopal priest in 2002, decided to spend some time with long-time missionaries

[10/4/2011]  YASC volunteers share their experiences
After spending a year as a Young Adult Service Corps volunteer teaching Xhosa children in Grahamstown, South Africa, Travis Shields, 23, has decided to change the course of his life.

[8/30/2011]  Visalia native's agricultural missionary work helps people in Liberia, Sudan
[Visalia (CA) Times-Delta] When Robin Denney was just a tiny tot, members of the St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Visalia, California, didn't know what the future had in store for her, and today they are inspired by what the 30-year-old has done with her life.

[5/12/2011]  In Qatar, faith communities grow through service of Anglican center
It's early Friday evening in Qatar and the Islamic call to prayer echoes throughout the capital city Doha, but it's not just the Muslim community that is preparing for worship. In a section of Doha, in an expanding development that has come to be known as Church City, thousands of Christian migrant workers worship freely with the blessing of the Qatari authorities

[3/14/2011]  Japan archbishop urges ongoing prayers, commits to providing relief and restoration
As Japanese officials estimate that the death toll could far exceed 10,000 after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami devastated parts of the country's northeast coast on March 11, Anglican Archbishop Nathaniel Uematsu underscored the importance of prayer and said that he is working to establish a structure to respond to the disaster.

[3/3/2011]  Missionaries bring, receive gifts as South Sudan grows into independence
Throughout several decades of civil war, the Episcopal Church in Sudan kept 2,000 schools open, mostly under trees – a testament to its commitment to educating its people. Today, with four million members, the Episcopal Church of Sudan accounts for almost half of the south's population

[2/23/2011]  Water and justice
The Ecumenical Water Network (EWN), based at the World Council of Churches, works on issues of water and water scarcity through raising the awareness of churches, collaborating with church-related organizations and promoting ecumenical responses to these issues

[2/16/2011]  Episcopal mission partner returns to Egypt with hopes for a balanced democracy
Five days after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak and with Egypt entering a period of political transition, the Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler is returning to his home and faith community in the Maadi district of Cairo after a brief time away from the country at the Episcopal Church's request

[2/8/2011]  Southern Sudanese celebrate the birth of a new nation
Celebrations for a new nation rippled throughout Southern Sudan as election officials confirmed that nearly 99 percent of voters in the referendum had chosen independence.

[2/7/2011]  Episcopal mission partner leaves Egypt temporarily
At the request of the Episcopal Church and due to the heightened security risks for Westerners residing in Egypt, the Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler has temporarily left Cairo, where he has served as priest of an international Episcopal church since 2003

[1/31/2011]  In Egypt's crisis, Episcopal mission partner plays critical role
"If ever I've had a role to play, it's right now," said the Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler, an Episcopal Church mission partner living in Egypt, after a week of anti-government demonstrations and violence have been the cause of more than 100 deaths.

[1/10/2011]  Millions take to the polls in Sudan's historic referendum; clashes in Abyei claim lives
Sudan's referendum on independence kicked off on Jan. 9 with reports of peaceful voting in most parts of the country but with news that violence in the disputed Abyei region had erupted, claiming lives and injuring people after militia attacked a polling station.

[1/9/2011]  Sudan referendum success in Juba
Few generations have the chance to shape the future of their people in such a dramatic way as the people of southern Sudan do today. Few people get to witness the birth of a new nation. And few nations divide in peace. The success of today's voting is a sign that all of this is happening in Sudan right now.

[1/7/2011]  Episcopalians, Sudanese partners unite in prayer for a peaceful referendum
Vigils, meditation and prayer are uniting people throughout the Episcopal Church and the world around a common cause this week – for Sudan’s referendum on independence to be conducted fairly and peacefully and for an end to the civil upheaval that has plagued the African nation for several decades.

[11/12/2010]  'Normal' life in Juba
Sudan is in the news more and more these days and will continue to be as the Jan. 9 referendum on independence draws nearer. It is a sensational and important story, and such stories make the headlines. But if you just hear about Sudan in the news, you might come away with the feeling that all is fear and uncertainty.

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