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In July, 2009, your Bishops and Deputies were successful in imploring The Episcopal Church to adopt resolution A155 "establishing programs for the Alleviation of Domestic Poverty." Additionally, with the bold passage of D035, The Episcopal Church became the first church to repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery to begin the work of reconciliation and healing from policies in which our church was a core partner in the colonial marginalization of indigenous peoples around the world.

Domestic Poverty Alleviation Document

Domestic Poverty News
[4/28/2010]  "Called To Serve": Domestic poverty conference gets underway in Newark
[Episcopal News Service] "Healing the worst of the poverty in this nation is intrinsically connected to restoring human beings to right relationship with the rest of creation," said Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori in a keynote address that touched on most every factor – shelter, food, environment, health care, employment and economics – that plays a role in domestic poverty.

[4/29/2010]  The Episcopal Church partners with White Bison, Inc. to address the root causes of domestic poverty for alleviation in Native American communities
[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs] “Working with White Bison is an honor for our Church and our peoples,” said Sarah Eagle Heart (Oglala Lakota), Episcopal Church Native American and Indigenous Ministries Officer. “We are demonstrating healing, forgiveness and reconciliation through this partnership."

[4/29/2010]  'Called to Serve' addresses urban, rural poverty connections, church as community anchor
[Episcopal News Service] This three-day conference is an opportunity for conference-goers to share ideas on how to better implement and strengthen programming through workshops and plenary sessions, and to build relationships locally, regionally and nationally by networking.


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