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Become a ONE Episcopalian

Be a ONE Episcopalian
More than one billion of God's people live on less than one dollar eachday. More than fifteen-thousand people die each day because of AIDS, tuberculosis, or malaria, all preventable diseases. It doesn't have to be this way. The world holds in its hands the resources, strategies, and capabilities to eradicate extreme poverty. What's missing is the political will. That makes your participation, your voice, joining together as ONE with people around the world so important.

Become a ONE Episcopal Parish
ONE Episcopalian will equip diocese parishes and individuals to be effective advocates with the Congress and the White House for the MDGs. Learn how your parish can become a ONE Congregation.

Tell a Friend
ONE by ONE we join together. Together we build the political will for ONE world without poverty. Tell your friends about ONE Episcopalian. Invite them to join - because together we can change the future.

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