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What is ONE Episcopalian?

In 2006, the Episcopal Church launched a partnership with the ONE Campaign. The ONE Campaign is committed to ending global poverty through implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In 2000, leaders from around the world committed to eight goals designed to target the world’s poorest. These goals address hunger, universal primary education, gender equality, child mortality, HIV/AIDS, and clean water. The eighth goal, global partnership, ensures that the MDGs are a cooperative effort among all nations. 2015 is the target date for completion of the MDGs.

ONE Episcopalian allows individuals and congregations to take action and address the needs of the world’s poor. Just as there are countless problems associated with poverty, there are also countless solutions. ONE Episcopalian members can educate their friends, families, and fellow worshippers on issues related to global poverty. They can call, write, and visit their representatives in Congress when MDG-related bills are considered. Prayer vigils, marches, and fundraisers can mobilize their community around an issue. The opportunities available through ONE Episcopalian are limitless, but the time is not.

The target date for the Millennium Development Goals is fast approaching, and there is still so much work to be done. Join with fellow Episcopalians around the world in eradicating extreme global poverty. Join ONE Episcopalian today!

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