Mission Center: The Episcopal Church: Advocacy

Current through 7/27/2010

St. Mary's Episcopal Church - Anchorage, AK
Rector: Michael Burke
ONE Contact: Paul Klitzke



St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Birmingham, AL
Rector: The Rev.Marc Barnett
ONE Contact: The Rev. Gerri Aston



Church of the Nativity - Huntsville, AL
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Andy Anderson
ONE Contact: Deacon Mary Groff



All Saints Episcopal Church - Mobile, AL
Rector: The Rev. James Flowers
ONE Contact: Avery Hall



Holy Trinity Episcopal Church - Hot Springs Village, AR
Rector: Father James Davis
ONE Contact: Sandra Forde



Calvary Episocpal Church - Osceola, AR
Rector: Bryan Snyder
ONE Contact: Joe Fetsch



Grace Episcopal Church - Lake Havasu City, AZ
Rector: The Rev. David Richardson
ONE Contact: Susie Paterson



Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Tucson, AZ
Rector: The Rev. Gordon McBride
ONE Contact: Kathryn Bradley



St. Luke's Episcopal Church - Atascadero, CA
Rector: Matthew Conrad
ONE Contact: John Bergen



St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Cambria, CA
ONE Contact: Diane Coffin



St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church - Capitola, CA
Rector: The Rev. Steve Ellis
ONE Contact: The Rev. Stuart G. Ftich



St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church - Corona, CA
Rector: The Rev. John Saville
ONE Contact: Dr. Karen Chavez



St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Del Mar, CA
Rector: The Rev. Stephen H. Wendfeldt
ONE Contact: Joe Ardizzone



St. Andrew's Church - Encinitas, CA
Rector: Rev. Wesley Hills
ONE Contact: Rev. Jocelynn Jurkovich-Hughes



Trinity Church - Escondido, CA
Rector: The Rev. Margaret Decker
ONE Contact: Cindy Shamel



St. Andrew's Parish - Fullerton, CA
Rector: The Rev. Canon Mark Shier
ONE Contact: Rachel Strickland



All Saints Episcopal Church - Los Angeles, CA
Rector: The Rev. Bill Leeson
ONE Contact: Deacon Carol Locke



St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church - Novato, CA
Rector: Phill Rountree & Susan Parsons
ONE Contact: John Dickerman



St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Oakland, CA
ONE Contact: Sharon Pilmer



Saint Andrew's by the Sea - San Diego, CA
Rector: The Rev. Rhonda Smith McIntire
ONE Contact:



Grace Cathedral - San Francisco, CA
Rector: The Rev. Cn.Frances Tornquist
ONE Contact: same as above



Calvary Episocpal Church - Santa Cruz, CA
Rector: The Rev. Joel Miller
ONE Contact: Sarah Peterson



St. Michael and All Angels Church - Studio City, CA
Rector: The Rev. Cannon Henry L. Atkins, Jr.
ONE Contact: Jane Wilson, Betsy Hailey



Epiphany Episcopal Church - Vacaville, CA
Rector: The Rev. Stephen J. Leonetti
ONE Contact: The Rev. Deacon Cookie Clark



All Saints' Episcopal Church - Watsonville, CA
Rector: The Rev. Mary Lou McKenney
ONE Contact:



St. Alban's Episcopal Church - Yucaipa, CA
Rector: The Rev. Richard Wagner
ONE Contact: The Rev. Larry Steale



St. Andrew Episcopal Church - Denver, CO
Rector: The Rev. Sally Brown
ONE Contact:



St. Luke's Darien - Darien, CT
Rector: The Rev.David Anderson & The Rev. Phil LaBelle
ONE Contact: Jen Kepner



St. James Episcopal Church - Glastonbury, CT
Rector: The Rev. Nancy Gossling
ONE Contact: Blakely Crevoiserat



St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Monroe, CT
Rector: The Rev. Kurt J. Huber
ONE Contact:



Trinity Episcopal Church - Newtown, CT
Rector: The Rev. Kathie Adams-Shepherd
ONE Contact: The Rev.Carol Westpfahl



Christ Episcopal Church - Norwich, CT
Rector: The Rev. Scott Hankins
ONE Contact: Alice Harding



Church of the Epiphany - Southbury, CT
Rector: The Rev. Martha Klein Larson
ONE Contact: Jean Klonis



St. Luke's Episcopal Church - Washington, DC
Rector: The Rev. Virginia Brown-Nolan
ONE Contact: Paula E. Singleton



St. Patrick's Episcopal Church - Washington, DC
Rector: The Rev. Paula Clark Green
ONE Contact: Lynch



Diocese of Delaware - Wimington, DE
Rector: The Rt. Rev. Wayne Wright
ONE Contact: Maureen Lyons



St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Lewes, DE
Rector: The Rev. Jeffrey Ross
ONE Contact:



St. Anne's Episcopal Church - Middletown, DE
Rector: The Reverend Dr. JoAnn Barker
ONE Contact: Matt Wolinski



Christ Church Episcopal - Milford, DE
Rector: The Rev. Dr. James L White
ONE Contact: Dorothy Vuono



The Episcopal Parish of All Saints' Church & St. George's Chapel - Rehoboth Beach, DE
Rector: The Rev. Max J. Wolf
ONE Contact: Teri Smith-Jones



Diocese of Delaware - Wilmington, DE
ONE Contact: Maureen Lyons



St. Thomas Episcopal Church - Palm Coast, FL
Rector: The Rev. Bradley S. Hauff
ONE Contact: Judy Gilruth



St. Boniface Episcopal Church - Sarasota, FL
Rector: Edward M. Copland
ONE Contact: The Rev. Robert Thacker



St. Bartholomews Episcopal Church - St. Petersburg, FL
ONE Contact: Wendy Maddox



Emmanuel Episcopal Church - Athens, GA
Rector: The Rev. Robert Salamone
ONE Contact: Mrs. Blue Wood



St. Anne's Episcopal Church - Atlanta, GA
Rector: The Rev. Eddie J. Ard
ONE Contact: Ethel Wright



The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany - Atlanta, GA
Rector: The Rev. Benno D. Pattison
ONE Contact: Gretchen Maclachlan



St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Atlanta, GA
Rector: The Rev. Robert Wright
ONE Contact: Cheryl Maddox



Church of the Incarnation - Atlanta, GA
Rector: Father A. G. Okunsanya
ONE Contact: Mr. Rolando Thorne



St. Alban's Episcopal Church - Augusta, GA
Rector: The Rev. Billy J. Alford
ONE Contact:



St. John's Episcopal Church - College Park, GA
Rector: The Rev. James H. Pritchet, Jr.
ONE Contact: Phil Sewell



St. Thomas Episcopal Church - Columbus, GA
Rector: The Very Reverend Ooug Hahn
ONE Contact: Amy Nervone



Saint Elizabeth's Episcopal Church - Dahlonega, GA
Rector: The Rev. Albert G. Daviou
ONE Contact: Annette Lowe Barber



St. Mark's Episcopal Church - LaGrange, GA
Rector: The Rev. J. Wesley Smith
ONE Contact: Jane Brubaker



Christ Church Episcopal - Norcross, GA
Rector: The Rev. PJ Woodall, Interim Rector
ONE Contact: Terry Franzén



St. Christopher's Episcopal Church - Perry, GA
Rector: The Rev. William A. Anderson
ONE Contact: Paul Davison



St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Rome, GA
Rector: Roger Ard
ONE Contact: Michael Hillman



Transfiguration Episcopal Church - Rome, GA
Rector: The Rev. Michael Owens
ONE Contact: Velda Brass



St. Nicholas Episcopal Church - Kapolei, HI
Rector: The Rev. Hollis Wright
ONE Contact: Sean Hoff



St. Luke's Episcopal Church - Cedar Falls, IA
Rector: The Rev. Benjamin Webb
ONE Contact: Vaughn Shannon



Christ Episcopal Church - Cedar Rapids, IA
Rector: The Rev. Bill Pugliese
ONE Contact: Dr .Paula Sanchini



St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Moscow, ID
Rector: The Rev. Robin Biffle
ONE Contact: Seneca Jensen



Church of the Holy Nativity - Clarendon Hills, IL
Rector: The Rev. Aimie Delevett
ONE Contact:



St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Evanston, IL
Rector: The Rev. Thomas Scott
ONE Contact: Deacon Lee Gaede



St. Matthew's Episcopal Church - Evanston, IL
Rector: The Rev. Canon Jane P. Henderson
ONE Contact: Jane P. Henderson



St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Glen Ellyn, IL
Rector: The Rev. George D. Smith
ONE Contact: Tom Hogan



St. John's Episcopal Church - Bedford, IN
Rector: The Rev. Charles M. Carpenter
ONE Contact: Julian Sawyer



St. Andrews Episcopal - Derby, KS
Rector: The Rev. Carol Meredith
ONE Contact:



Episcopal Church of the Incarnation - Salina, KS
Rector: The Rev. Sheila Fellhauser
ONE Contact:



Trinity Episcopal Church - Fulton, KY
Rector: The Rev. Ellen Ekevag
ONE Contact: Kim Farmer



St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Louisville, KY
Rector: The Rev. Ben Maas
ONE Contact: Suzanne M. Warner



St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Louisville, KY
Rector: The Rev. Mark Feather
ONE Contact: Judy Bradley



Episcopal Church of the Advent - Louisville, KY
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Tim Mitchell
ONE Contact: The Rev. Dr. Eva Markham



Grace Episcopal Church - Paducah, KY
Rector: The Rev. Libby Wade
ONE Contact: Sherry Threlkeld



St. James Episcopal Church - Pewee Valley, KY
Rector: The Rev. Paul Jeanes
ONE Contact: Mary Abrams



St. James' Episcopal Church - Shelbyville, KY
Rector: The Rev. Amy Real Coultas
ONE Contact: the rector



Grace Episcopal Church - Amherst, MA
Rector: The Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld
ONE Contact: Mary S. McCarthy



St. Christopher's Episcopal Church - Chatham, MA
Rector: The Rev. Brin McGurk
ONE Contact: Steven Keenan



St. Luke's Episcopal Church - Fall River, MA
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Susan H. Lee
ONE Contact: Arthur Benjamin



St. Andrew's Church - Framingham, MA
Rector: The Rev. Susan Richmond
ONE Contact: Anne O'Connell



St. James Episcopal Church - Groveland, MA
Rector: Marya DeCarlen
ONE Contact: Rosemary Schacht



St. Anne's in-the-Fields Episcopal Church - Lincoln, MA
Rector: The Rev. Cathy George & The Rev. Noah Evans
ONE Contact: Sam Smart, Outreach Chair



St. Stephen's Episcopal Church - Lynn, MA
Rector: The Rev. Jane Soyster Gould
ONE Contact:



The Church of the Holy Spirit - Orleans, MA
Rector: The Rev. David Angelica
ONE Contact: Dr. Scott Daniels



Grace Episcopal Church - Vineyard Haven, MA
Rector: The Rev. Robert E. Hensley
ONE Contact: Ms.Pat Witte



Church of the Holy Spirit - Wayland, MA
Rector: The Rev. Fredrick Moser
ONE Contact: The Rev. Fredrick Moser



St. Matthew's Episcopal Church - Worcester, MA
Rector: The Rev. Nancy Strong
ONE Contact: Wendy Piscitelli



Church of the Messiah - Baltimore, MD
Rector: Lee Ann Tolzmann
ONE Contact: Ivan A. Gettle



Church of the Resurrection - Baltimore, MD
Rector: The Rev. Beth McNamara
ONE Contact:



Memorial Episcopal Church - Baltimore, MD
Rector: The Rev. Martha Macgill
ONE Contact: The Rev. T. Steward Lucas



St. Bartholomews Episcopal Church - Baltimore, MD
Rector: The Rev. Florence Ledyard
ONE Contact: Daphne Cover



The Cathedral of the Incarnation - Baltimore, MD
Rector: The Very Rev. Ervin Brown
ONE Contact: Laura McGuire



The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer - Bethesda, MD
Rector: The Rev. Susan C. Burns
ONE Contact: Gabrielle Herderscher-Hunter



St. Nicholas Episcopal Church - Darnestown, MD
Rector: The Rev. Ken Howard
ONE Contact:



St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Glenwood, MD
Rector: The Rev. Mary Jayne Ledgerwood
ONE Contact: Lynne Quinn



St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Highland, MD
Rector: Rev. Dr. Richard Laribee
ONE Contact: Madeleine Beard



St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church - Laytonsville, MD
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Carol M. Flett
ONE Contact: Franca Kimmel & Jessica Pinkert



St. James' Parish - Lothian, MD
Rector: The Rev. William H. C. Ticknor
ONE Contact:



St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Mt. Airy, MD
Rector: The Rev. Ann Boyd
ONE Contact: The Rev. Ann Boyd



St.Mary Anne's Episcopal Church - North East, MD
Rector: The Rev.Dr. Samuel Hartman
ONE Contact: Dr. Julie K. Waterhouse



St. Barnabas' Church - Upper Marlboro, MD
Rector: Lawrence R. Harris, Jr
ONE Contact:



St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Waldorf, MD
Rector: The Rev. Joy Rose
ONE Contact: Susan Parody



Christ Churhc at I.U. - Worton, MD
Rector: The Rev. David G. Robinson
ONE Contact:



St. George's Episcopal Church - York Harbor, ME
Rector: The Rev. Paige M. Blair
ONE Contact: The Rev. Paige M. Blair



St. Gaberiel's Episcopal Church - Eastpointe, MI
Rector: The Rev. Susan K. Bock
ONE Contact: Bonnie Winters



Holy Trinity Episcopal Church - Iron Mountain, MI
Rector: Charles E. Piper
ONE Contact: Shirley Mande



St. Michaels's Episcopal Church - Lansing, MI
Rector: The Rev. W. Richard Hamlin, Ph. D.
ONE Contact: Ann Nebe



Church of the Holy Cross - Novi, MI
Rector: The Rev. Karen Henry
ONE Contact:



Grace Episcopal Church - Port Huron, MI
Rector: The Rev. Bob Trask
ONE Contact:



St. Barnabus Episocpal Church - Portage, MI
Rector: The Rev. Kathleen Kingslight
ONE Contact: Micki Holder



Christ Church Episcopal - Austin, MN
Rector: The Rev. Scott Monson
ONE Contact: Lynn Adwell



St. Andrews by the Lake - Duluth, MN
Rector: The Rev. Cindy Peterson-Wilosinske
ONE Contact:



St. Mary's Episcopal - Saint Paul, MN
Rector: The Rev. Leanne Watkins
ONE Contact: Ben Miller



St. Paul's Episcopal Church on the Hill - St. Paul, MN
Rector: The Rev. Mark Thompson
ONE Contact: Betty Pat Leach



St. Philip's Episcopal Church - Joplin, MO
Rector: The Rev. Frank Sierra
ONE Contact: Nancy Jennings



Christ Church Cathedral - St. Louis, MO
Rector: The Very Rev. Ronald H Clingenpeel
ONE Contact: The Rev. Susan Wolfenbarger



All Saints with Big Sky - Big Sky, MT
Rector: The Rev. Darius Larsen
ONE Contact: Leslie B. Piercy



The Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter - Burlington, NC
Rector: The Rev. David R. Williams
ONE Contact: Susan Lambeth



Holy Cross Episcopal Church - Wilmington, NC
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Richard Warner
ONE Contact: The Rev. Deacon Andy Atkinson



St. Stephen's Episcopal Church - Fargo, ND
Rector: The Rev. Liz Powers
ONE Contact: Sandra Holbrook



St. James Episcopal Church - Lacon, NH
Rector: The Rev. Hays Junkin
ONE Contact: Anne C. Drouin



Trinity Episcopal Church - Cranford, NJ
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Gina Walsh-Minor
ONE Contact:



St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Keansburg, NJ
Rector: The Rev. Alice Downs
ONE Contact: Christine Ruland



Trinity Church - Matawan, NJ
Rector: The Rev. Denise Mantell
ONE Contact: The Rev. Terry Suruda, DCN



St. Luke's Episcopal Church - Trenton, NJ
Rector: The Rev. Dirk C. Reinken
ONE Contact: Meg Rich



St. Luke's Episcopal Church - Montclair, NJ
Rector: The Rev. John Mennell
ONE Contact: Cheryl Brocking



All Saints Episcopal Church - Princeton, NJ
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Hugh E. Brown III
ONE Contact: Patti Wallack



St. Stephen's Episcopal Church - Reno, NV
Rector: Senior Warden Ned Wallace
ONE Contact: Katherice McCall



St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Albany, NY
Rector: The Rev. Mary Robinson White
ONE Contact: Lee Cameron



St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Albany, NY
ONE Contact: Lynnette Noonan



St. Paul's Cathedral - Buffalo, NY
Rector: The Very Rev. N. DeLiza Spangler
ONE Contact: The Rev. Paul Lillie



Grace Episcopal Church - Hastings on Hudson, NY
Rector: The Rev. Anna S. Pearson
ONE Contact: Ms. Marlene Linz



St. George's Episcopal Church - Hempstead, NY
Rector: The Rev. P.Allister Rawlins
ONE Contact: Lisa Hunte



St. John's Episcopal Church - New City, NY
Rector: The Rev. Frances Twiggs
ONE Contact: Gordon Coyle



Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine - New York, NY
Rector: The Very Rev. Jim Kowalski
ONE Contact:



Church of the Epiphany - New York, NY
Rector: Andrew Mullins
ONE Contact: Jennifer Linman



Emmanuel Episcopal Church - Norwich, NY
Rector: The Rev. Glenn Mahaffey
ONE Contact: Naomi Mahaffey



St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Penn Yan, NY
Rector: The Rev. Dr. C. Denise Yarbrough
ONE Contact: Scarlett Emerson



Church of the Redeemer - Cincinnati, OH
Rector: The Rev. Bruce Freeman
ONE Contact: The Rev. Nancy Hopkins-Greene



St. Patrick's Episcopal Church - Dublin, OH
Rector: The Rev. Stephen Smith
ONE Contact: Deb Parker



Epiphany Episcopal Church - Euclid, OH
Rector: Rev. Marie Phillips
ONE Contact: Jim Clair



All Saints Episcopal Church - Parma, OH
Rector: The Rev. Susan H. Russell
ONE Contact: Ruthann Wasil



St. Anne Episcopal Church - West Chester, OH
Rector: Father Jeff Bunke
ONE Contact: Jackie Williams



St. John's Episcopal Church - Worthington, OH
Rector: The Rev. Bridget Tierney
ONE Contact: The Rev. Rebecca Deinser



The Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan - Corvallis, OR
Rector: The Rev. Simon C. Justice
ONE Contact: Jean Marie Walker



St. Mary's Episcopal Church - Eugene, OR
Rector: The Rev. Ted Berktold
ONE Contact: Louise Powell



St. Marks Episcopal & Lutheran Church of the Good Shephard - Madras, OR
Rector: Jan Kozak
ONE Contact: Peter Deuel



Parish of St. John the Baptist - Portland, OR
Rector: The Rev. Robert Bryant
ONE Contact: Mary Dorscheimer



St. Michael and All Angels Church - Portland, OR
Rector: The Rev. John S. Scannell
ONE Contact: Steve Walton



St. John's Episcopal Church - Huntingdon, PA
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Tom Warne, III
ONE Contact: Tim Reimer



Saint James Episcopal Church - Lancaster, PA
Rector: The Rev. Erica Brown Wood
ONE Contact: Elaine Thomas



St. Michael and All Angels Church - Middletown, PA
ONE Contact: Regina Barrett



St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Philadelphia, PA
Rector: The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin
ONE Contact: The Rev. Claire Nevin-Field



Trinity Memorial Church - Philadelphia, PA
ONE Contact: Liz Dunford



St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Yardley, PA
Rector: The Very Rev. Dr. Daniell C. Hamby
ONE Contact: The Rev. Dr. Pamela M. Nesbit



St. John's Episcopal Church - Barrington, RI
Rector: The Rev. C Neal Goldsborough
ONE Contact: Sharareh Gharib



St. Alban's Episcopal Church - N. Providence, RI
Rector: The Rev. Becky Anderson
ONE Contact: Donna Martel



Emmanuel Church - Newport, RI
Rector: The Rev. Greg Cole
ONE Contact:



Church of the Ascension - Wakefield, RI
Rector: The Rev. Sandra P. Haines-Murdocco
ONE Contact: Peg Collins



St. Thomas Episcopal Church - Wood River Jct., RI
Rector: The Rev. Bettine Besier
ONE Contact:



Diocese of Upper South Carolina - Columbia, SC
Rector: The Rt. Rev. Dorsey Henderson, Jr
ONE Contact: Peggy Van Antwerp Hill



Church of the Holy Cross - Sumter, SC
Rector: The Rev. Thomas W. Allen
ONE Contact: Kimberly Allen



St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral - Memphis, TN
Rector: The Very Rev. Andy Andrews
ONE Contact: Evelyn Piety



St. Paul Episcopal Church - Seymour, TN
Rector: The Rev. Henry Swann - Supply
ONE Contact: David R. Thomas



Cavalry Episcopal Church - Bastrop, TX
Rector: The Rev. Matthew Zimmermann
ONE Contact: Richard Armstrong



Church of the Advent - Brownsville, TX
Rector: The Rev. Richard J. Aguilar
ONE Contact: Deberah Salazar



St. Aidan's Episcopal Church - Cypress, TX
Rector: Vicar, Justin Lindstrom
ONE Contact: Kyle Deutsch



The Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration - Dallas, TX
Rector: The Rev. Jerry D. Godwin
ONE Contact: The Rev. Joy A. Daley



St. Barnabas Episocpal Church - Denton, TX
Rector: The Rev. Donald K. Johnson
ONE Contact: Demi Prentiss



Emmanuel Episcopal Church - Houston, TX
Rector: The Rev. Janie Kirt Morris
ONE Contact: The Rev. Gill Keyworth



Hope Episcopal Church - Houston, TX
Rector: The Rev. Martha Frances
ONE Contact: Theresa Comstock, Secretary



Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church - Houston, TX
Rector: The Rev. Jim Nutter
ONE Contact: Sam Craven



Emmanuel Episcopal Church - San Angelo, TX
Rector: The Rev. Allan Conkling
ONE Contact: Gary Sanford



Christ Chapel Campus Ministry - San Marcos, TX
Rector: The Rev. James Bouzard
ONE Contact: Bruce Wilson



St. Mark's Episcopal Church - San Marcos, TX
Rector: The Rev. Bruce Wilson
ONE Contact: Jim Kimmel



St. Philip's Episcopal Church - Uvalde, TX
Rector: The Rev. Mike Marsh
ONE Contact: John Peterek



All Saints Episcopal Church - Salt Lake City, UT
Rector: The Rev.R.Michael Major
ONE Contact: Hal Carter



St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Vernal, UT
Rector: The Rev. Nina Stasser
ONE Contact: Margaret Misso



St. Thomas Episcopal Church - Abingdon, VA
Rector: The Rev. Craig R. Wylie
ONE Contact:



St. Mary's Episcopal Church - Arlington, VA
Rector: The Rev. Andrew T. P. Merrow
ONE Contact: The Rev. Jen Strawbridge and Mary Beth Emerson



St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Arlington, VA
Rector: The Very Rev. Craig A. Phillips, PhD
ONE Contact: Suzanne Brennan



St. Michaels Episcopal Church - Bon Air, VA
Rector: The Rev. Gregory Hodgson
ONE Contact: Donna Nelson



St. Paul's Memorial Church - Charlottesville, VA
Rector: The Rev. Alan Mead, Interim Rector
ONE Contact: Wilma Bradbeer



Trinity Episcopal Church - Charlottesville, VA
ONE Contact: Cheryl Kasper



St. George's Episcopal Church - Fredericksburg, VA
Rector: Jim Dannals
ONE Contact: Gay Rahn



Calvary Episocpal Church - Front Royal, VA
Rector: The Rev. Deborah W. Rutter
ONE Contact: Jean Mary Taylor



St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Hanover, VA
Rector: The Rev. Jack Sutor
ONE Contact: Corinne Price



St. Timothy's Episcopal Church - Herndon, VA
Rector: The Very Rev. Brad Rundlett
ONE Contact:



Trinity Episcopal Church - Manassas, VA
Rector: The Rev. Stuart Schadt
ONE Contact: Sandra Fox



Christ Episcopal Church - Martinsville , VA
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Ellen Hanckel
ONE Contact: Jarrett Sell



St. John's Episcopal Church - McLean, VA
Rector: Rev. Edward O. Miller, Jr
ONE Contact: Tara Jean Demarest



St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Simeon - Palmyra, VA
Rector: Rodney L. Caulkins
ONE Contact:



Christ Episcopal Church - Pulaski, VA
Rector: The Rev. Vickie Houk
ONE Contact:



Emmanuel Episcopal Church at Brook Hill - Richmond, VA
Rector: The Rev.John R. West, Jr.
ONE Contact: Amy Lynn DelFratte



St. Stephen's Episcopal Church - Richmond, VA
Rector: The Rev. Gary D. Jones
ONE Contact: Keith Dull



The Church of the Holy Comforter - Richmond, VA
Rector: The Rev. Bruce Birdsey (Interim)
ONE Contact: Stephanie Turner



Christ Episcopal Church - Roanoke, VA
Rector: The Rev. Deborah Hentz Hunley
ONE Contact: Denise Legg



St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church - Roanoke, VA
Rector: The Rev. Richard Fife
ONE Contact: Allison Divers



Church of the Holy Comforter - Vienna, VA
Rector: The Rev.Richard A. Lord
ONE Contact: Eleanor Braun



St. Aidan's Episcopal Church - Virginia Beach, VA
Rector: The Rev. Josephine Taylor (Interim)
ONE Contact: Rosa Castillo, DCE



Bruton Parish Church - Williamsburg, VA
Rector: The Rev. Herman Hollerith
ONE Contact: The Rev. Charles Robinson



St. Hugh of Lincoln - Allyn, WA
Rector: The Rev. Jim Neal
ONE Contact: Garby Elmore



St. Margaret's Episcopal Church - Bellevue, WA
Rector: Christie Demura
ONE Contact: Jeanne-Ann Jensen



Emmanuel Episcopal Church - Mercer Island, WA
Rector: The Rev. Charles Serls Ridge
ONE Contact: The Rev. Dr. Marilyn Cornwell



Church of the Good Shepherd - Vancouver, WA
Rector: The Rev. Dr. Tom Warne, III
ONE Contact: Ms. Bette Ludden



St. Luke's Episcopal Church - Vancouver, WA
Rector: The Rev. John Allen
ONE Contact: Melanie Kenoyer



St. Andrew's Church - Ashland, WI
Rector: The Rev. Ward Simpson
ONE Contact: The Rev. Ward Simpson



St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church - Madison, WI
Rector: The Rev. Maurine Lewis
ONE Contact: Evelyn Gildrie-Voyles



Trinity Episcopal Church - Wauwatosa, WI
Rector: TheRev. Gary Manning
ONE Contact: Bill Robison



Ascension Episcopal Church - Hinton, WV
Rector: The Rev. Kent Higgins
ONE Contact: Nancy Martin



Emmanuel Episcopal Church - Keyser, WV
Rector: Joyce Wilkinson
ONE Contact:



Trinity Episcopal Church - Martinsburg, WV
Rector: The Rev. Julie N. Harris
ONE Contact:



All Saints' Episcopal Church - So. Charleston, WV
Rector: The Rev. Joyce M. Wilkinson
ONE Contact:



St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Casper, WY
Rector: The Rev. John S. Smylie
ONE Contact: The Rev. Leigh Earle, Deacon



Saint Mark's Episciopal - Cheyenne, WY
Rector: The Rev. Rick Veit
ONE Contact: Carol Peterson



Trinity Cathedral - Trenton, NJ
Rector: The Very Rev. René Rory John
ONE Contact: The Rev. Christopher Cox, Deacon



Christ Church Glendale - Cincinnati, OH
Rector: The Rev. Roger L. Foote
ONE Contact: The Rev. Laura L. Chace, Deacon



Chapel of the Cross - Chapel Hill, NC
Rector: The Rev. Stephen Elkins-Williams
ONE Contact: Gretchen S. Jordan



Trinity Church - Princeton, NJ
Rector: The Rev. Paul Jeanes III
ONE Contact: Trisha Thorme, Aline Haynes



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