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Resources for Ordained Leaders

Those on the road to ordination, as well as those already leading parishes, often seek out ways to reenergize their ministry in the church, and in their daily lives.

We’ve created a number of support tools for those called to serve God. Many were designed together with ministry development specialists and commissions on ministry. We also worked with vocational associations, leaders in theological education, and health and wellness experts to create additional resources.

Society for the Increase of the Ministry
Contrary to common belief, theological education for our future ordained leaders is not funded by the Episcopal Church. The Society for the Increase of the Ministry (SIM) provides financial, pastoral and advocacy support to those preparing for ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church and awards needs-based scholarships annually to postulants and candidates in seminary.

Clergy Reflection, Education, Discernment Opportunity (CREDO)
Provides opportunities for people to examine significant areas of their lives and to discern prayerfully the future direction of their vocation as they respond to God's call in a lifelong process of practice and transformation

Fresh Start
By encouraging open and honest discussion of transitional issues affecting both clergy and congregations, the program’s goal is to build a culture in which the mutual ministry of the clergy and congregation starts off on the right foot, enabling their new relationship to begin with a “Fresh Start”.

Theological Education for All
TEforALL is a reference tool for Episcopalians and all who want to study scripture,learn about church tradition,and apply God-given reason to the challenges of contemporary life.

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