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The twelve African provinces are among the most politically and culturally nuanced, and often misunderstood, provinces in the Anglican Communion. The Episcopal Church's Africa Officer witnesses to the life and ministry of the Episcopal Church to Africa, supports the development of stronger mutual and interdependent relationships, and helps facilitate and support relationships between parishes and dioceses of the Episcopal Church and our partners in Africa.

The Priests and Archbishop Hart in the Episcopal Church in Liberia, where the Episcopal Church has a covenant relationship since 1979.  

Sudan is the largest country in Africa - it is about the same size as Europe. The Episcopal Church of Sudan has relatively recently been divided into 24 dioceses, many of which are geographically small and clustered in the south.  The Episcopal Church in Sudan has several Companion Diocesan Relationships with The Episcopal Church in the United States.  

Liberian Convenant

Twelve (12) Provinces in Africa
The Anglican Church of Burundi
The Church of the Province of Central Africa
Province de L'Eglise Anglicane Du Congo
The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
The Anglican Church of Kenya
The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa
The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
The Anglican Church of Tanzania
The Church of the Province of Uganda
Church of the Province of West Africa

All Africa Conference of Churches
American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan
Church World Service (Africa Forum)
Dictionary of African Christian Project (at Overseas Ministries Study Center)
Friends of Cuttington Liberia
National Council of Churches (NCC)
The National Council of Churches, founded in 1950, is the leading force for ecumenical cooperation among Christians in the United States. The NCC's 36 Protestant, Anglican and Orthodox member denominations include more than 50 million persons in 140,000 local congregations in communities across the nation.

The Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PROCMURA)


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