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Research & Statistics

The goal of research and statistics is to provide the church with information about its context, congregations, members, leadership, directions, and ongoing mission. Employing the best research procedures that are available we provide unbiased data and analysis for use by national leaders, dioceses and local congregations. This information is intended to help in the work of the church by helping us understand who we are, the situations where we work, and the progress we are making.

Some of our primary tasks include:
· We oversee and staff the Parochial Report and Diocesan Report processes
· We provide statistical feedback on membership to local congregations and dioceses
· We provide community demographic data to local congregations and dioceses
· We analyze membership, attendance and giving trends for the Episcopal Church
· We interpret changes in the context in which our churches minister
· We investigate sources of congregational growth and revitalization
· We conduct specialized research projects on areas such as leadership, education, and mission priorities
· We provide resources to assist Episcopal Church leaders in their efforts to work on God’s project in the world

Featured Research
2010 Table of Statistics of the Episcopal Church

Baptized Members by Province and Diocese 2000-2010

Average Sunday Attendance by Province and Diocese 2000-2010

Statistical Totals for the Episcopal Church by Province: 2009-2010

Domestic Fast Facts: 2010

Domestic Fast Facts Trends: 2006-2010

Episcopal Congregations Overview Charts

Episcopal Overview: FACT 2010

Facts on Episcopal Church Growth

FACTs on Episcopal Church Growth (Images)

Episcopal Church Membership

(Domestic Dioceses): 1951 - 2010
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Number of Episcopal Churches

By Year Founded: 1610 - 2010
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Racial/Ethnic Membership

Domestic Dioceses: 2009
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