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Research Projects, Reports and Analysis

 The congregational research office produces regular reports from the annual Parochial Report, including trend analyses on membership, attendance and giving.  Around 94% of Episcopal congregations file a report annually, making the Parochial Report one of the most complete reports of parish life in any Church or religious body.  Find these reports by selecting the link to Parochial Report Analyses, Reports and Charts.  In addition, the congregational research office conducts regular and special research projects and analysis as part of Faith Communities Today and ongoing efforts to respond to research needs and General Convention resolutions.

Parochial Report Analysis, Reports and Charts
The Parochial Report established by our Constitution and Canons is a tool for the collection of data that is intended to assist the Church in planning for mission. The “new” parochial report form launched in 1999 with fewer questions and a simplified format. The use of web technology for filing is another important development in our efforts to make this a useful tool for parishes and dioceses.  A graphic report of 11 years of membership, attendance and giving from the Parochial Report for each parish and diocese is available at Studying Your Congregation and Community.  Each parish can download their own current and prior year Parochial Reports in PDF form at pr.dfms.org using their login (parish UEID and PIN).  Various other Parochial Report-based reports are available at by clicking the Parochial Report Analysis, Reports and Charts link.

Faith Communities Today (FACT)
The Faith Communities Today survey is an ongoing process to collect information on a wide variety of topics concerning congregational life, worship, leadership and program among Episcopal parishes and missions. This survey, which was conducted in 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2010 is part of a larger ecumenical/interfaith research project involving many religious bodies who cooperate on survey design and process. The survey was also mandated by a General Convention resolution in 2006 as is part of the regular report of the House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church to the General Convention. The above link connects you to reports from the FACT surveys, including various overviews of Episcopal parishes and reports on growth and other issues.
FACTS on Episcopal Church Growth
Episcopal FACT 2005 Survey Form
A Report on Episcopal Churches in the United States (2000)
Overall General Findings (2000)
Understanding Episcopal Congregations (2000)
FACT Questionnaire (2000)

Episcopal Overview
Episcopal Overview: FACT 2010
Episcopal Overview: FACT 2008
Episcopal Overview: FACT 2005

Church Planting Initiative
Church Planting Intiative Report
APPENDIX: Church Planting Initiatives Survey Report

Other Research Reports
Episcopal Parish Clergy by Diocese, Gender and Position: 2007
A Survey of Christian Education and Formation Leaders Serving Episcopal Churches (2005)
Is the Episcopal Church Growing (or Declining)?
Congregation Growth and Church Size (2000)
New Church Development: A Research Report (2001)
Mission Funding and Fundraising in Episcopal Dioceses (2003)

Statistics & Information on Women in the Episcopal Church
The statistics and information below provide information about ordained women in the Episcopal Church.  In the coming months, we hope to add many more informational resources regarding the myriad ways women are part of the Episcopal Church. 


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