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Topic: Disabilities

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 Anabaptist Disabilities: Network: Hearing and Deafness
 Diversity Includes Disability

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 Interfaith Disability Connection (IDC)
 Episcopal Conference of the Deaf (ECD)
 Episcopal Disability Network (EDN)


 Domestic Policy Update
 Coalition Letter Re: House-Senate Conference on FY 2010 Department of Defense Authorization legislation
 Coalition Letter: Support Hate Crimes Legislation
 Legislative Update - August 2007
 Congress Poised to Pass Hate Crimes Law!
 Presiding Bishop to Senate: Support the Hate Crimes Prevention Act
 OGR Letter to House: Hate Crimes Prevention
 Coalition Letter to Senate: Hate Crimes Prevention
 Coalition Letter to House: Hate Crimes Prevention
 Stop Cuts to Education, Health Care for Seniors and Much More
 Church Leaders' Statement on the FY'07 Budget
 Coaltion Letter to Senate: Hate Crimes
 Urge Congress to Protect Social Security
 Religious Organization Statement of Principles To Preserve and Strengthen Social Security
 Coaltion Letter to Congress: LLEEA/Hate Crimes
 108th Congress Mid Session Update
 Last Minute Opportunity to Support Hate Crimes Legislation!
 Support Hate Crimes Legislation

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