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Topic: Children

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 A Bibliography on Children and Spirituality
 Awake My Soul
 Basics for the Children's Formation Bookshelf
 Carta De Los Ninos
 Children's Bibles: An Annotated Bibliography
 Children's Charter
 Decision in Sudan
 Devotions for Adult Family Members separated by Distance
 Devotions for Parents & Children Separated by Distance (Child size 81/2 x 11)
 Older Children
 Older Children
 Older Children
 Older Children
 Older Children
 Older Children
 Young Children
 Young Children
 Young Children
 Young Children
 Young Children
 Young Children

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 Lesson Plans That Work
 Religions for Peace


 Make Nutrition for Mothers and Children a High Priority
 Help Put a Stop to Bullying and Harassment
 Heads of Communion Letter on Child Nutrition
 Faith Leaders Letter: Child Nutrition Reauthorization
 Children Deserve Better: Help Put a Stop to Bullying and Harassment
 Help School Children in Developing World
 TANF Reauthorizaiton Votes to Begin March 30th
 CoSponors Needed for Orphans Bill
 Spring 2009 Legislative Update
 Coalition Letter to Congress and President-Elect Obama RE: Economic Stimulus
 Urge the Senate to Reauthorize SCHIP Today!
 Take the Pledge on National Child Health Day
 Act Now to Bring Hope to Orphans around the World
 Coalition Ltr to House: Support the Child Citizen Protection Act
 Save Children's Health Care - Take Action Today
 Save Healthcare for Children
 DHN to House: SCHIP Reauthorization
 DHN to Senate: SCHIP reauthorization
 Coalition to Sen. Bauchus: Future of the SCHIP Program
 Mainline Denomination Leaders on the FY'08 Budget
 MORE INFORMATION: The MDGs and the FY'08 Budget
 Call for a Budget That Serves the Whole Human Family
 MORE INFORMATION: Program Cuts in President’s Budget
 Joint Organizational Statement on No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act
 Call to End Child Marriage Now
 Stop Cuts to Education, Health Care for Seniors and Much More
 Church Leaders' Statement on the FY'07 Budget
 Stop Shameful TANF Legislation
 TANF Background and Resources
 Legislative Wrap-up and a Look Ahead
 Take Action to Stop Cuts to Critical Programs TODAY
 Cosponsors Needed to Protect AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children
 Coalition Letter to Congress: TANF
 BACKGROUND: AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children
 UPDATE: TANF Legislation
 Program Cuts in Adminstrations Proposed FY'06 Budget
 BACKGROUND: FY'06 Budget Priorities
 2004 Congressional Wrap-up
 108th Congress Mid Session Update
 Feinstein Dear Colleague on School Fees
 BACKGROUND: TANF Reauthorization
 Highlights of the President's Budget as Presented to Congress
 Senate Vote on TANF Reauthorization Soon
 End of Session Report
 Child Care Call in Day
 Join the "Snoweflake" Campaign
 Temporary Assistance for Needy Famililes Reauthorization
 URGENT: Senate to Consider Sex Trafficking Legislation
 Coalition letter to Medicare conferees requesting support of the Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act (ICHIA)
 Protect Head Start
 Coalition Letter to Members of the Senate urging increased CCDBG funding by at least $5.5 billion over five years
 Coalition Letter to President Bush requestion fiscal year 2004 budge priorities reflect the needs of low income working families
 Interreligious Working Group on Domestic Human Needs
 Coalition Letter Requesting Additional Funding for the Child Care Development Block Grant For Fiscal Year 2003

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