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Protect Head Start
Executive Council 2/93 “call[ed] on Congress [to] provide expanded services, funding, and financial accountability for…Head Start.”

Head Start is the nation’s most comprehensive early childhood development program that helps low-income families and children acquire needed skills prior to entering primary school. In 2002, over 900,000 benefited from the program. Next week the House of Representatives is expected to consider H.R. 2210, The School Readiness Act of 2003, legislation to reauthorize the Head Start program. The House proposal could radically change many fundamental features of Head Start by redirecting funding and oversight to cash-strapped states with no guarantee that those funds would go to Head Start or that states would retain the current high performance standards. Today only 3 out of 5 children eligible for Head Start are able to participate due to lack of funding. H.R. 2210 would not increase funding to ensure the needed improvements or increase the number of children served in Head Start, Early Head Start, and the Indian, Migrant and Seasonal Head Start programs. Further, H.R. 2210 eliminates the existing Head Start prohibition against employment discrimination on the basis of religion.

Please contact your Representative today via email or call 800-513-3472 to urge opposition to H.R. 2210.

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