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Join the "Snoweflake" Campaign
Join the “Snoweflake” Campaign to support increased federal child care funding for low income families!

Lack of child care is the primary barrier to employment for the working poor and those receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).  Millions of low-income children whose families are eligible for child care assistance do not receive any government child care subsidy because of the lack of federal funding.  Last fall, the Senate Finance Committee passed a TANF reauthorization bill with $1 billion for child care funding over 5 years—far short of what is needed to maintain current levels of child care assistance or provide for the added work requirements passed by the House.  Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine is proposing an amendment which will likely add $6 billion to mandatory child care funding, for a total of $7 billion. 

If the Snowe amendment passes, millions of additional dollars in much needed child care funding would be allocated to states over 5 years.

Support the Snowe amendment With the “Snoweflake” Campaign:
1) Cut out paper snowflakes** with your children, families and colleagues.
2) Write a person’s name on each snowflake.
3) Write or attach the message to the snowflakes.
Dear Senator (Your Senator’s Name:)
Support the Snowe amendment to add $6 billion to child care funding.
 4) Send your “Snoweflakes” in early February to:

The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations
110 Maryland Avenue NE, Suite 309
Washington, D.C. 20002

Send us as many “Snoweflakes” as you can.  We will deliver thousands of “Snoweflake” messages to your Senator.  Our ability to meet the child care needs of working families depends on it. 

 ** To make paper snowflakes, fold square paper or round coffee filter in half 3 times.  Cut small shapes out of the folded edges.  Unfold to see the snowflake.                  

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