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How does one become an ordained priest or deacon?
Becoming an Ordained Priest or Deacon

It is most helpful to talk about one's call to ordination with others in the faith community. These persons may include clergy from a local or home congregation, chaplains at schools, members of the Bishop's staff or trusted friends. To be sponsored for postulancy, the canons of the church state that one must have the support of a clergyperson in charge of a congregation in which one is a member, as well as the elected leadership of that congregation.

Discerning a call to ordination is best done in a community with others who know you and can reflect with you about your gifts for ministry.

About Vocation
Commissions on Ministry
Episcopal Church Canons (See Title III, Canon 4, Section 2)
Theological Education
Episcopal Seminaries
General Ordination Exams

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