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2006 Program Letter - English

Dear friends and colleagues:

Greetings to you in this beautiful season of light and hope. I am writing to introduce the World Mission Sunday theme this year, which is “Anglican/Episcopal Women: Relevant, Radical, Responsive.”

Women have always been a great strength of our church, whether serving at home or abroad. There are remarkable women leading and sustaining their churches and communities throughout the Anglican Communion, as well. Look at the photo featured on our poster, and you will see some of them! These women represented the Anglican Consultative Council at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in March 2005. Their intelligence, commitment, courage and joy have motivated all of us to continue our efforts for the empowerment of women in our Communion, and in the world.

This year, on the last Sunday of Epiphany which is World Mission Sunday, the ACC delegation and the Episcopal Church delegation will be together in New York, with thousands of other women from around the world, as preparations for the 2006 session of the UNCSW get under way. Please pray for them, and the peoples they represent, on Feb. 26 and during the next two weeks.

For World Mission Sunday this year we have a wider array of resources than usual, thanks to a marvelous collaboration with the Office of Women’s Ministries, the Anglican UN Observer’s Office, Mrs. Phoebe Griswold, and many other significant leaders in the church. 

Most notable is the enclosed gift of the DVD entitled “Shall We Gather.” It offers highlights from the 2005 session of the UNCSW and the issues related to the Beijing Platform, a major focus for the women of our church and the wider communion. A study guide is included.

In addition to the enclosed DVD and poster, you will find on the World Mission Sunday website ( a variety of resources that may be downloaded and duplicated as needed. These include:

• a bulletin shell in two sizes, available in English and Spanish;

• Scripture for the Journey, a biblical reflection entitled “Women of Faith, Hope and Action,” by Dr. Jenny Plane Te Paa, dean of the Anglican Theological College in Auckland, New Zealand;

• a homiletical note by Dr. Deirdre Good of the General Theological Seminary in New York, NY, to assist in sermon preparation;

• a sermon on the theme of Anglican women’s empowerment, written by the Rev. Margaret Rose, director of Women’s Ministries for the Episcopal Church;

• “Communion by Another Way,” a speech Mrs. Phoebe Griswold delivered to the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross;

• Resolution 31 of the Anglican Consultative Council (Nottingham, 2005) which has called for dramatically increasing the representation of women in all bodies of the church, among other major initiatives;

• extensive reports and other data from the 49th session of the UNCSW in 2005, including the ACC delegation’s report and recommendations;

• information about related organizations and initiatives striving for the empowerment of women, especially where their access to education and other basics of life is restricted.

Please use the resources we have provided not only on World Mission Sunday, but at appropriate times through the year. Do not hesitate to call us if you need more information, or have questions. Please let us know if you have developed your own resources (on this theme, or any other) for observance on Feb. 26.

May God bless you in your ministries, now and always.

Faithfully yours,

Margaret S. Larom
Anglican and Global Relations

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