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Topic: Environment

Documents for Download

 Protecting God's Creation Jubilee Grant Application
 Notes on a Christian Ecological Ethic & Economics
 Addicted to Oil and the Love of Life
 Year C, Third Sunday of Easter
 Carbon Fast 2010 Tearfund
 Home for the Holidays: A Homily on Economics and the Environment
 A Catechism of Creation
 To Serve Christ in All Creation: A Study Guide and Discussion Course for Province One

Links to other Sites

 10 Weeks to Change the World!
 Alaska Wilderness League
 Anglican Communion Environmental Network
 Church World Service
 Climate justice youth caravan heads for South Africa
 Earth Day Sunday 2010: Sacred Spaces and an Abundant Life: Worship Spaces as Stewardship
 Earth Ministry
 Eco-Justice Ministries
 Eco-Justice Working Group of the National Council of Churches
 Episcopal Ecological Network
 GreenFaith Certification Program for Episcopal Churches
 Interfaith Power and Light
 New Community Project
 Prayers and Litanies from the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast
 Religions for Peace
 The Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare
 World Council of Churches


 Speak Out for Clean Air
 Celebrate Earth Day April 22!
 Lent Reflection: A Violent, Riotous Economy
 Call Your Member TODAY and Tell them to Vote NO on Drilling in the Arctic!
 Faith-Based Recommendations for US Participation in UN Climate Change Convention
 Fall Legislative Updates
 Protect our Nation's Rivers and Streams
 Earth Day 2011 - A Celebration of the Earth As Gift
 Support the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
 Episcopal Church letter in support of Arctic protection
 Coalition Letter: Oppose Delay in EPA Greenhouse Rules
 Tell Congress - Help the Victims of the Gulf Oil Spill
 Coalition Letter: Addressing the Gulf Coast Oil Spill
 Pray. Reflect. Converse. The Tragedy of the Gulf Oil Spill
 Gardening? It's great!
 Observe World Environment Day! June 5
 Energy and Environment Update
 Tell Congress -- Let the EPA do its job!
 Coalition Letter to Senate: Clean Air Act and Sen. Murkowski
 2010 Legislative Outlook
 Coalition Letter: Support HOME STAR
 Coalition Letter: Mountain Top Removal
 Coalition Letter: Climate Change
 Earth Day 2010
 Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Vote Expected Soon
 Coalition Letter to President: Supporting Climate Change Legislation
 Stop Environmental Devastation in West Virginia
 Countdown to Copenhagen
 Coalition Letter: Climate Change and Consumer Assistance
 Coalition Letter to EPA: Establishing Clean Water Act Rule
 Conservation Based Energy Policy
 Arctic Coalition Letter: Oppose S. 503
 Support the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act
 Spring 2009 Legislative Update
 Becoming Healers of our Suffering Earth
 MORE INFORMATION: Climate Change Affecting Our Surroundings
 Coalition Letter to Congress and President-Elect Obama RE: Economic Stimulus
 A Faithful Vision for Action: National Council of Churches Priorities for the New Administration
 NCC Eco-Justice Working Group Transition Memo to President-Elect Obama
 111th Congress Legislative Preview
 Prayers for Katrina Sunday
 Remarks- Andrew Genszler, ELCA: Climate Security Act- Press Conference
 Coalition Letter to House: Immigration Principles to Support
 Coalition Ltr to Senate: Strong Climate Change Legislation
 The Plot to Save the Planet
 Loaded Concealed Weapons In National Parks?
 Pass Effective Climate Change Legislation
 Presiding Bishop to Senate: America's Climate Security Act
 An Earth Day Message from John Johnson
 Quick Legislative Update
 "For the Beauty of the Earth": Green Stories
 “For the Beauty of the Earth”: Interdependence of Our Health and Climate Change
 "For the Beauty of the Earth": Climate Change and Water
 "For the Beauty of the Earth": Climate Change and Global Poverty
 For the Beauty of the Earth: Climate Change Affecting Our Surroundings
 For the Beauty of the Earth: EPPN Lenten Series
 Newsletter: Updates, Lent, and More
 Legislative Update - January 2008
 MORE INFORMATION: Farm Bill Update October 2007
 MORE INFORMATION: Current Status of Farm Bill Legislation Senate to Begin Work
 Presiding Bishop Testifies on Global Warming!
 MORE INFORMATION: The MDGs and the FY'08 Budget
 EPPN Lenten Series PART FIVE: Energy for Today and Tomorrow
 EPPN Lenten Series PART FOUR: Protecting the Environment for Future Generations
 EPPN Lenten Series: Feeding our Nation and the World
 Newsletter: Legislation, Events, Resources
 Reducing Our Dependence on Oil
 Coalition Letter: On Mountian Top Removal Rules
 Coalition Letter: Importance of Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts
 Fall 2006 - Congressional Update
 Letter - Presiding Bishop to Congress RE: Arctic Drilling
 Stop Cuts to Education, Health Care for Seniors and Much More
 Church Leaders' Statement on the FY'07 Budget
 Social Justice Advocacy as a Lenten Practice: Women’s Health, MDGs and Earth Day 2006
 EPPN Alert: Feeding the Addiction or Breaking the Cycle?
 Legislative Wrap-up and a Look Ahead
 Take Action to Stop Cuts to Critical Programs TODAY
 Letter to Sen. Santorum in Support of PAWS (S. 1139)
 A Moral Choice for the United States: The Human Rights Implications for the Gwich’in of Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
 Take Action TODAY to Save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
 URGENT - Ask Congress to Oppose Energy Bill
 Earth Day Celebrated Across the Country
 Earth Day Resources/Tell Us About Your Celebration
 BACKGROUND: FY'06 Budget Priorities
 Social Justice Advocay as a Lenten Practice: MDG's and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
 2004 Congressional Wrap-up
 108th Congress Mid Session Update
 The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Episcopal Church, USA
 Coalition letter written to members of the U.S. Senate regarding the Energy Bill
 Highlights of the President's Budget as Presented to Congress
 End of Session Report
 Oppose the Energy Bill
 Coalition letter from faith community representatives to U.S. Senators urging adoption of a national energy policy based upon the values of justice and sustainability
 White Paper Proposing that the Biggest Single Step We Can Take to Save Oil and Curb Global Warming is to Raise Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards for Both Cars and Light Trucks
 Coalition Letter to Members of Congress Supporting the National Forest Roadless Area Conservation Act.

Other Resources

 National Council of Churches' "Prayers for the Gulf"
 Money and Faith: The Search for Enough (2008)
 Simpler Living, Compassionate Life: A Christian Perspective (1999)
 Food and Faith: Justice, Joy and Daily Bread (2002)

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