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Legislative Update, Lambeth News, and More
Pentecost Summer Membership Drive Continues
The Pentecost Summer Membership Drive is still going strong. So far almost 350 people have recruited at least one new member this summer. Have you? You can check here.
There's still time to invite your friends and get in the running for great prizes. Be sure to use this form to invite folks so that we are sure to credit you. Good luck!
Coverage of Lambeth
Before during and after the Lambeth Conference there has been news aplenty. We thought we'd bring to your attention a few highlights.
This is the reflections document that highlights the conference's hopes as they relate to public policy -- Section C: Social and Human Justice, Section D Environment and Section L: Statements of Solidarity
You can see Episcopal News Services coverage here including the Presiding Bishop's statement at the conclusion of the conference.
A fun interview about the Lambeth Conference from Comedy Central.
Legislative Update
We wanted to provide an update on some of this summer's alerts and also give you a quick explanation of some things to come this fall.
Global AIDS - S. 2731 - Thanks to your advocacy efforts, the U.S. Global Leadership against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act has passed both the House and Senate and been signed into law by President Bush. This historic legislation more than triples the contribution of the United States government – already the world’s biggest donor to the fight against pandemic disease – to a record $48 billion over the next five years
Jubilee Act – S. 2166 - So far, the Jubilee Act has passed the House, but is still waiting for consideration in the Senate – that is why your voices are so important on this. If you haven't had a chance to send a message, it is not too late – click here!
Cluster Bombs – S. 594 – We continue to seek co-sponsors for this effort to protect civilians from these lethal weapons.
Indian Health Care Improvement Act Amendments of 2007 - S. 1200 – Although it is unlikely that this bill will get through Congress this session, $2 billion dollars of health funds from the Global AIDS bill was allocated to Indian Health.
I-VAWA - S.2279, H.R. 5927 - Right now this bill is not moving, and likely stands a better chance during the next Congress – so you'll probably be hearing about it again in the future!
A Note About Legislation This Fall: With so few days left in which Congress will be in session and voting, we know that some important bills, like S. 594 and I-VAWA, are unlikely to be considered this year. However, gathering support for them in this session is important as they become "markers" for the next session, indicating strong support and the importance of acting on them early. We may be asking for more action on this type of "marker bill" as the fall goes forward.
Upcoming Advocacy Events
There are many great advocacy events coming up in September and October all across the country:

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