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Interim Ministry

This is an intentional period of discernment when a parish or institution assesses where it has been, who it currently is, and where God is calling it to grow.

Interim Ministries - Book 1
Overview for church leaders, which defines Interim Ministry, suggesting how this specialized ministry can be useful to congregations. Revised: August 2007.

Interim Ministries - Book 2
Guidelines for the development and support of interim ministries in dioceses, including: professional standards, Letter of Agreement, training, support, and evaluation of interim ministers. Revised: August 2007.

How To Search Community Ministry Portfolios
The Positions Open Bulletin (POB) used to be created for you. Now, your saved searches constitute your own “POB”. You may identify all worshipping communities in a particular diocese/region, or those in a particular stage of transition, for instance, and keep this list updated that addresses your own specific interests.

Interim Ministry Network
The Interim Ministry Network has dedicated itself to the health and wellness of church congregations in transition.

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