Mission Center: Mission Leadership

Search Process

This is the intentional search by a parish or institution for its clergy leadership, and by the clergy and lay leaders ministering communities. This is effected by personal recommendations of bishops and their designated representatives, as well as by using the Transition Ministry database for electronic searches.

Caring for Clergy through Compensation
Guidelines for examining and advocating a theology of compensation in the calling and care of clergy, including: salary, housing, & utilities; benefits; reimbursement for professional expenses, with tax implications of each. Revised: May 2009 (4th edition).

Caring for Clergy through Housing (updated: May 2009)
"Caring for Clergy through Housing" is intended to provide a useful and insightful look at the complex and important issue of adequate clergy housing.

Enhancing My Ministry
New Publication: Vocational Reading List
Vocational reading list with some 30 relevant titles. Updated: October 2009.

Communicating Who I Am
Lay Employee Resume
A NEW LOOK AT THE LAY EMPLOYEE RESUME by the Rev. Christopher Chamberlain Moor

Resume-Writing for Clergy and Lay Professionals
For clergy and lay professionals seeking a new position, the resume is a key document in the placement process. This handy publication by the Rev. Christopher Moore will guide you through the essential steps of putting together a great clergy resume.

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