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Called to Work Together
A handbook on Letters of Agreement for clergy and congregations (by Richard L. Ullman).

Caring for Clergy through Compensation
Guidelines for examining and advocating a theology of compensation in the calling and care of clergy, including: salary, housing, & utilities; benefits; reimbursement for professional expenses, with tax implications of each. Revised: May 2009 (4th edition).

Caring for Clergy in the Calling Process
Guidelines for search/calling committees on the calling process including: appointing a committee; setting a budget; communications; reviewing, visiting, interviewing, choosing and calling candidates. Revised: May 2009 (4th edition).

Caring for Clergy through Housing (updated: May 2009)
"Caring for Clergy through Housing" is intended to provide a useful and insightful look at the complex and important issue of adequate clergy housing.

Church Compensation Report (2008)
Dr. Matthew Price of the Church Pension Group has completed the Church Compensation Report for 2008 as of September 2009.  Please see this 17-page informative report which lists: national as well as provincial and diocesan statistics; compensation by gender and position in comparative perspective; lay employees' compensation, and much more.

Clergy Side of Interviewing in the Calling Process
A helpful summary of accumulated experience and principles to help clergy make their own best use of interviews in the mutual testing of a call.

Interim Ministries - Book 1
Overview for church leaders, which defines Interim Ministry, suggesting how this specialized ministry can be useful to congregations. Revised: August 2007.

Interim Ministries - Book 2
Guidelines for the development and support of interim ministries in dioceses, including: professional standards, Letter of Agreement, training, support, and evaluation of interim ministers. Revised: August 2007.

Interviewing in the Calling Process
Guidelines to help the search/calling committee make the interviewing process an effective tool to determine a good match between priest and parish. Revised: May 2009 (4th edition).

Lay Employee Resume
A NEW LOOK AT THE LAY EMPLOYEE RESUME by the Rev. Christopher Chamberlain Moor

Living into our Ministries: a Mutual Ministry Cycle Resource Guide
The audience intended to use this guide includes diocesan facilitators, deployment officers, wardens and clergy. Some parts, especially the introduction, will be useful for the whole vestry as a starting conversation on mutual ministry. The document is an educational package with a variety of tools. 91 pages including a bibliography.

Prayer in Calling Process
This period of search for a new rector can be a time of new and creative activity in the liturgical and devotional life of the parish that can enrich the church for long after the search process is over. This guide offers you resources, suggestions, possibilities, for that journey. Revised: 2007.

A manual for those called to guide the parish through a process leading to the election of a rector. An invaluable guide to the search process by Charles R. Wilson.

Resume-Writing for Clergy and Lay Professionals
For clergy and lay professionals seeking a new position, the resume is a key document in the placement process. This handy publication by the Rev. Christopher Moore will guide you through the essential steps of putting together a great clergy resume.

New Publication: Vocational Reading List
Vocational reading list with some 30 relevant titles. Updated: October 2009.

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