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Register with The Office for Transition Ministry

Registration with OTM is a way of offering your gifts for ministry to the Church. Prayerfully reviewing your skills and ministry experience is a part of creating your Personal Profile. To help you in this process, see the Ministry Skill/Experience Manual. The information you submit to OTM will generate a Personal Profile that will be used by diocesan transition ministers and bishops to connect clergy/lay leaders with worshipping communities who have similar calls for ministry and mutually beneficial gifts, skills and experience. Your registration will also give you unlimited access to the Positions Open Bulletin (POB) in which dioceses list those worshipping communities in search.
Once your profile is created it will be accessible to you online via a username and password that will be supplied to you initially, but that you are encouraged to customize when you first log in. Your profile is also accessible to bishops and diocesan transition ministers, as well as the Office for Transition Ministry at the Church Center. Use of the Profile is regulated by OTM Policies and Procedures.

Initial Registration Form
If you are a Lay Leader, Anglican Clergy Abroad or ELCA, please refer to the forms below before submitting your Initial Registration Form.

Lay Certification Registration
If you are a Lay Leader trained for ministry or working in the Episcopal Church (e.g. Director of Religious Education, musician, parish administrator, teacher, diocesan staff), you need your Bishop’s certification to register. Download Bishop's Certification Form; have your diocesan bishop or diocesan transitions officer sign and mail to: The Office for Transition Ministry, 815 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017 or fax to 212-682-5594.

Anglican Clergy Abroad Registration
Clergy of other churches or provinces in the Anglican Communion may register if both of the following requirements are met:

You have secured the sponsorship of a bishop diocesan of the Episcopal Church USA. It is necessary for you to find a bishop who can support your deployment in the Episcopal Church of USA. This procedure does not require that the bishop deploy you in his/her diocese. 


You have submitted to us a consent form signed by the bishop of your diocese of canonical residence, giving consent for your registration with this office, and certifying that you are a priest in good standing of that diocese.

ELCA Pastor Registration
Pursuant to our relationship of full communion under Called to Common Mission OTM can register rostered ELCA clergy if both of the following requirements are met:

You have secured the sponsorship of a bishop diocesan in the Episcopal Church USA. Registration with OTM does not require that the bishop deploy you in his/her diocese.


You have submitted a consent form signed by your synodical bishop. This form gives consent for your registration with this office and certifies that you are a member of the clergy roster of that synod.

For a detailed description of policies and procedures on the exchange of ordained ministers between TEC and the ELCA go to: The Orderly Exchange of Pastors and Priests under Called to Common Mission.

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