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New playground will accommodate kids with disabilities
Thanks for a UTO grant, St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Talladega, Alabama, is breaking ground on a new playground with a special feature -- it's open for kids who live with physical disabilities.

The Pink Bus is Here!
Friends of St. John's Chapel and the African American Family Center for Biblical Dialogue are delighted by the doors that are about to open, both on the pink bus, and in ministry to little girls on Charleston's Eastside. Thanks to the UTO Grant and the gifts and support of many around the diocese, the program called is moving forward.

New Theological and Pastoral center for the Diocese of Antsiranana
UTO funded construction of the New Theological and Pastoral center of the Diocese of Antsiranana has reached the roof however the country is mourning the 150 dead during riots and looting and burning of shops in Antananarivo and in the provinces.

A New School Van
The United Thank Offering’s generous grant has allowed us to not only save thousands of dollars in transportation expenses, but has opened up a world of opportunity to our hard-working students.

St. Francis Episcopal Church
Back in 2006, Kathryn Tiede-Hottinger realized the great need for support services for the growing Hispanic population in the Greenville area.

UTO Grant enables St. Matthew’s in Raytown, MO to open new Computer Language Lab
UTO turned St. Matthew's dream of a language lab into a reality

St. Augustine's Church in Homer, Alaska: A Home of Their Own
St. Augustine's in Homer, Alaska had been without a church building for over 50 years.

UTO Partners with Lazarus Project: South Africa
Lavender Hill is a township established by Aparthe

San Marcos Church, Dominican Republic
Navajoland Gets Van
Bonnie Anderson, right, president of the House of Deputies, visited in Navajoland during July, 2007

Emery Hall 100th Anniversary
Julia C. Emery Hall, Episcopal Church of Liberia
D. Elwood Dunn writes in his history of the Episcopal Church in Liberia that Bishop Ferguson of Cape Palmas was instrumental in the founding of the girls' school at Bromley Mission

UTO Van Helps Us See The World
Terlingua, a very remote and impoverished community in far southwest Texas, formed a Boys & Girls Club in 2005

Dental Care in Amarillo
St. Andrew's and St. Peter's Churches are participating members of the Christian Campaign for the Homeless in Amarillo, TX. Individual members of those congregations were instrumental in applying for at UTO Grant to provide dental care for the poor in Amarillo.

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