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Memorial & Gift Trust Fund

Most Gracious God, my fullest thanks to you this morning for caring about my life. I often wonder how you have time to give so much attention and recognition to so many, let alone me!

Could the good news be that I HAVE your fullest attention and your total love - and not just me, but all persons at all times and all places?

If I could help you out, if I could share even a small portion of the Love you have afforded me, I would be pleased and honored to accept the challenge and the call - today. Amen


~The Rt. Rev. Michael Creighton, Bishop of Central Pennsylvania




A permanent endowment fund created by memorial gifts and gifts to give tanks, to honor and to celebrate people and events. 

The United Thank Offering Memorial and Gift Trust Fund was established in 1982 as a permanent trust. Gifts enable ongoing prayer and remembrance. Names are permanently recorded in a book which is kept at the Episcopal Church Center and displayed at each Triennial Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women.



Contribute to the UTO Memorial and Gift Trust Fund 


  • In recognition of devoted participation of a diocesan leader
  • In celebration of the memory of a cherished friend or relative
  • In honor of the ministry of a faithful church member
  • In any situation for which a speical lasting of tribute is appropriate.   

Tax-deductible gifts in thanksgiving, honor, or celebration, may be made in any amount. Earnings from investment of the Memorial and Gift Trust Fund:

  • Assure income to support the independent, elected volunteer UTO Board
  • Provide interpretive materials for the extensive diocesan and parish volunteer network

Contributions create satisfaction for the giver, and joy for others.  For example, in the Diocese of Central New York, the Episcopal Church Women contributed to show thanksgiving for Mary Mullen's years of generous service.

"I am just delighted you thought to honor me in a way so meaningful to me!" she responded. 


To contribute to the fund:

  • Designate gifts for the UTO Memorial & Gift Fund. Please mark your check accordingly as well as the envelope and accompanying material.
  • Make your tax deductible contribution payable to:
    "The Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society"

Please open and print the Memorial and Gift Trust Fund form using the PDF link below.

Mail your envelope to:
Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society
United Thank Offering, Box 12095, Newark, NJ 07101

UTO Memorial Gifts and Funds Brochure

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