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Reflections On Gratitude

A River Of Blessing
Laura Mergens, August 2004

Our Souls Are Filled With Love And Gratitude
The Rev. Hugh Magers, February 2005

Where’s Your Blue Box?
Adrienne Frieda, September 2005

A Constant And Comforting Companion
Carolyn Pincheck, April 2006

When We Think About Prayer
JoAnne Chapman, November 2006

Reflections on Gratitude
Dorothy Smith, UTO Province I Representative, November 2006

“At all times and in all places”
The Rev. Howard Anderson, Washington National Cathedral, June 2007

Reflections On Gratitude
Pam Stewart, Province II UTO Representative, June 2007

Not Your Average Sunday
The Rev. Dr. Sean A. Cox, November 2007

Real Change: Transformational Giving
Erin Weber-Johnson, UTO Giver, September 2008

All Saints Sunday and United Thank Offering Sunday
Paula Baines, UTO Coordinator, St. James Church, Old Town, Maine

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