Mission Center: The Episcopal Church: Partnerships

Grant Criteria

The United Thank Offering supports programs that address compelling human needs by supporting the alleviation of poverty, both domestically and internationally, within the Anglican provinces, dioceses, and companion dioceses.

The United Thank Offering supports projects:

  • That address poverty of women and children
  • That make significant impact
  • That demonstrate new and innovative work
  • That are a part of a planned diocesan/provincial mission strategy

The United Thank Offering will not fund:

  • Capital fund campaigns or debt reductions
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Operational budgets, meaning the proposed budget and program is the same as the year before
  • Debts obligated or incurred before the date of the grant award
  • Purchase of consumable items (e.g., food, medicine, paper goods, toiletries, fuel, etc.)
  • Scholarships, tuition, camp fees, and attendance incentives
  • Emergency response

In Episcopal dioceses within the United States, the United Thank Offering will not fund:

  • Previously funded requests
  • Capital improvements that do not expand capacity to meet compelling human need or mission and ministry need in disadvantaged situations
  • Programs regarded to be diocesan operating budgets

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