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Your Most Notable Episcopalians - Anglicans
In a recent survey, we asked you to name the most notable Episcopalians or Anglicans.  396 of you voted (self-identified as 20% visitors, 20% clergy, and 60% members). 

Listed below are the people who got more than 20 votes (22% of you voted for Tutu!).

Click on a name below to find out more about that person… plus some other notable Episcopalians and Anglicans you may not have know about.


Desmond Tutu
Thomas Cranmer
C.S. Lewis

Rowan Williams
Richard Hooker
V. Gene Robinson

Henry VIII
Queen Elizabeth
N. T. Wright

Did you know?

26% of US Presidents have been Episcopalian.  Including - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and George H. W. Bush.