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Human Nature
Q: What are we by nature?
A: We are part of God's creation, made in the image of God.

Q: What does it mean to be created in the image of God?
A: It means that we are free to make choices: to love, to create, to reason, and to live in harmony with creation and with God.

Q: Why then do we live apart from God and out of harmony with creation?
A: From the beginning, human beings have misused their freedom and made wrong choices.

Q: Why do we not use our freedom as we should?
A: Because we rebel against God, and we put ourselves in the place of God.

Q: What help is there for us?
A: Our help is in God.

Q: How did God first help us?
A: God first helped us by revealing himself and his will, through nature and history, through many seers and saints, and especially the prophets of Israel.

Human Nature
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